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10 reasons Why Instagram Is Not Worth Wasting Your Time On

Instagram is one of the most Trending ‘Social Networks’ of the present day, or so some people would have us believe, but indeed, can we truly call it a social Network when people cannot meet up in a particular corner and converse without losing the post and seeing it buried under ever increasing new posts? And can we call them posts? when in truth they are just picture galleries with comments.

Say No to Instagram!Can such a thing as Instagram compare with real specific topic related forums where people can meet up and easily chat with each other in the various threads. Remember the days when all we had was forums, and Facebook did not exist? I do! and i can tell you, there was much more socialising and ‘feels real‘ experience in a forum, than i have ever felt on Facebook.

Indeed, should we not ask ourselves if Facebook and Instagram and Co are not the culprits for the death of individually owned forums? People hardly go to forums anymore (except help forums for software and stuff), and instead, scroll down a Facebook or Instagram Newsfeed clicking Like (so that their data is collected and used to serve ads to he who likes this or that)

Today i was reading a multi-blogpost interlinked series of stories posted on the Yotpo Commercial Company’s website blog, about ‘5 best ways to sell on Instagram’, and clicked on a link within the post titled “Sell on Instagram’, to see what kind of Bullshit they were posting.

I say Bullshit, because as a webmaster with over 18 years experience on the internet, i know that a post titled ‘5 Best Ways To’ is a deceptive title, and does not necessarily list the five ‘Best’ ways to do something. There is no such thing as ‘5 best ways’ because everything is a matter of opinion as to what is best and what is not best. Its a totally deceptive title. However, All good bloggers and webmasters know, that this ‘5 best, 10 best, ten most, 12 nicest’ type blog titles, are not intended to tell you what the five best things really are, because the author doesn’t know what is best.. its just bullshit, using a powerful Blog Title to get good SEO and drag traffic to their blog god dammit.

Anyway, i digress..

The ‘5 best ways to sell on instagram post led me to the ‘sell on Instagram’ post by way of deep linking, and i went to read it (with great scepticism).

I made a very long comment to try to uncover the deception, and reverse the Trend which is currently spreading itself around in the minds of the readers, like a virus that is going to change the shape of the internet forever, and turn it into a cell-block maze of advertising networks, and remove all central access to all parts of the ‘matrix’ we call the Internet

Just Say No to Social Network Giants

Here it is;

“The time one can be wasting on Instagram in my case, is much better to spend adding products to my store, and blogging on my own website, which pulls people directly from the search engines to me.
Instagram is useless for sharing your stuff to except for increasing brand awareness. But you can’t paste the link into Instagram, for people to click on, and the only way you can get them to do that, is to pay for advertising.

I have  paid for advertising campaigns in Facebook and Instagram before, and the funny thing is, although they tell me they sent 600 people to my shopping cart check out, every month I ever did advertising, I sold less than half of what I usually sell.

I also blogged a lot less on my own website, because I was spending time on Instagram and other such useless networks.

It is a falsity and I believe blog posts like this are actually paid   By Instagram and Facebook to make people believe they have to advertise.

Defend Against Human Brainwashing Through Internet Trending

Every single individual user in Facebook is pushed into trying to boost the post by paying for it.
There are more advertisers than consumers.
In this day and age, every Facebook and Instagram profile owner is a potential advertiser. There is not enough advertising space for us to have our adverts placed in optimal positions. .

Advertising, is the biggest scam in the world in the moment, and it is highly deceptive. It is a common factor with the wise, that advertising is a waste of money. It was a waste of money in the days that all we had was paper to advertise on, and it is still a waste of money in the present day.

Just blog on your own websites, and share your product links to Facebook, and the networks like Pinterest and so on.
But to hell with Instagram which is like a prison that does not let you post any links at all don’t believe the hype. since I have stopped advertising and focus more on posting on my own website and just sharing links to the posts to networks which allowed me to share, my sales have doubled.  All of these “five best ways to do something” type blog posts are not really useful.

They are deliberately composed looking for SEO search engine terminologies. And they are intended to catch people looking for information on these topics. But the information given is not true. It’s just you trying to get traffic to your website by using powerful blog post title  such as “the five best ways to sell on Instagram”.

I would advise everybody else to make blog posts like this on their own websites and I guarantee it will bring more success then going to Instagram and paying for an advert. which is why you have posted this blog post and it’s why you didn’t pay to advertise it on Instagram.

Instagram is a closed environment tantamount to a prison. Tim Berners-Lee did not intend us to chop the Internet up into little closed cell blocks. and even if it was useful what you are saying, I would still advise everybody to boycott it, because it is shaping the Internet into a massive prison full of individual cellblocks called APPS.

We need one central access point to find everything on the internet, that is unbiased, but such a thing does not really exist.

 Google is very biased in its search results, because it is a Advertising engine, not a search engine.

It shows who it wants to on the first page (mostly advertisers), and every Tom Dick and Harry’s little personal blog doesn’t have much chance of people finding them anymore.

I don’t support this trendsetting masterplan, designed to trick people into following the advertising trend.

These companies are making billions, and serving false information and false statistics to advertisers, and they’re making  immense amounts of money from it. This maybe Lawful (Legal) but that does not mean it is Moral, and also does not mean it is not deceptive.

it is not illegal to deceive or be immoral. Legality does not address moral issues, rather, only legislative ones, and ignores the fact that often, it is the accused who has been abused, and the accuser who is the deceiver and abuser.

NO FB - NO Instagram

For example, Facebook owns your Profile and all of the uploaded images and other Data which comes from your personal life. This is not Moral, it is Evil, but, the Governments and Lawcourts don’t care, because it is Lawfully written in the signup terms when you create a Profile.

However, in a Moral Society, this  kind of legal word bandying and clever selfish behaviour, should and would be forbidden. No company should have the right to own and keep your data, and forbid you from deleting it, but the Law allows this. Laws allow abuse, and do not address Humane or Ethical Issues at all.

There is no Benefit at all by playing along with these companies such as Instagram and Facebook. Its turning us (humanity), into a bunch of Muppets.

In the old days, people went to individual owned forums, to have fun, meet up and talk with each other, and we could find each other much easier.

These days they’re killing all of those forums by making everybody do it on Facebook.

To hell with Facebook let’s go back to forums which are owned by real people I mean individuals. And let’s not support the death of that by all sitting on Facebook, and clicking the LIKE button, so that they can gather data about  what kind of advertising to serve to us!

Boycott it and burn them to the ground!

I can guarantee everybody that I am very successful and make very good money without having to use those places at all. The more time I spend on those networks the less work I get done and the more my sales decrease. It is a complete deception.

This how to advertise blog post I came to by clicking on the link in your other blog post about “five best ways sell on Instagram” both that post and this post and the other posts which link to each other within this website are Merely composed to create powerful SEO for Yotpo.

What is Yotpo?

Yotpo is a Review Software for your Website or Business Website, who charge for the service. They do have a free version but it doesn’t let you moderate the comments, and that leaves you very quickly in need of upgrading and then you are enslaved to monthly payments, as if you had a house mortgage! Forever Pay! (FUCK OFF)

I pay one single subscription a month for my ecommerce solution, and thats it – i use my own workarounds better than all these addon services, with forever monthly payment subscriptions for use of the software.. one time payment is ok for these third party addons, but eternal monthly payments?? naaahh.


Whatever happened to one time payments.. you know like Photoshop.. pay for it and you are done.. These days they want to keep peeling you forever

Yotpo is also not worth paying as a review software, because my Facebook pages already have a free review feature on them and I can send my customers there to give me reviews.

Word press has a lot of free review plug-ins too, and so all of the services are pushing themselves using virality and trendsetting by making blog posts  with titles like “Ten best Ways for us to Convince you to sign up with our Afilliates”, made to convince everybody to sign up.

But do you know what? It isn’t true. It’s just everybody grabbing, or trying to grab a piece of the ‘pay every month forever’ pie, including Instagram, Facebook, and Yotpo.”

As i said previously


Instagram Isnt Worth Wasting Your Time On! And neither are any of the other Big Brothers of Social Networking.

And did you notice? I titled this post ‘10 Reasons Why Instagram Isnt Worth Wasting Your Time On‘  ???

But in fact, i gave about a Hundred reasons.. It’s just to show how the title which uses ’10 reasons’ or similar, is a spammy type of good SEO used by bloggers to get traffic, but it doesn’t always contain any truthful or useful reasons at all.. its just a cheapskate way of getting traffic!

Wake Up and Free Yourself

Why are we Humans so Dishonest and Self Interest Based? It is a cause of the ruination of the Internet, and makes us a bunch of Deceivers. Shame on the Human Heart.

Get a Life People, and refrain from contributing to this Trend which is going to turn us into a Bunch of Soma Consumers, just like in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.