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10 reasons Why Instagram Is Not Worth Wasting Your Time On

Instagram is one of the most Trending ‘Social Networks’ of the present day, or so some people would have us believe, but indeed, can we truly call it a social Network when people cannot meet up in a particular corner and converse without losing the post and seeing it buried under ever increasing new posts? And can we call them posts? when in truth they are just picture galleries with comments.

Say No to Instagram!Can such a thing as Instagram compare with real specific topic related forums where people can meet up and easily chat with each other in the various threads. Remember the days when all we had was forums, and Facebook did not exist? I do! and i can tell you, there was much more socialising and ‘feels real‘ experience in a forum, than i have ever felt on Facebook.

Indeed, should we not ask ourselves if Facebook and Instagram and Co are not the culprits for the death of individually owned forums? People hardly go to forums anymore (except help forums for software and stuff), and instead, scroll down a Facebook or Instagram Newsfeed clicking Like (so that their data is collected and used to serve ads to he who likes this or that)

Today i was reading a multi-blogpost interlinked series of stories posted on the Yotpo Commercial Company’s website blog, about ‘5 best ways to sell on Instagram’, and clicked on a link within the post titled “Sell on Instagram’, to see what kind of Bullshit they were posting.

I say Bullshit, because as a webmaster with over 18 years experience on the internet, i know that a post titled ‘5 Best Ways To’ is a deceptive title, and does not necessarily list the five ‘Best’ ways to do something. There is no such thing as ‘5 best ways’ because everything is a matter of opinion as to what is best and what is not best. Its a totally deceptive title. However, All good bloggers and webmasters know, that this ‘5 best, 10 best, ten most, 12 nicest’ type blog titles, are not intended to tell you what the five best things really are, because the author doesn’t know what is best.. its just bullshit, using a powerful Blog Title to get good SEO and drag traffic to their blog god dammit.

Anyway, i digress..

The ‘5 best ways to sell on instagram post led me to the ‘sell on Instagram’ post by way of deep linking, and i went to read it (with great scepticism).

I made a very long comment to try to uncover the deception, and reverse the Trend which is currently spreading itself around in the minds of the readers, like a virus that is going to change the shape of the internet forever, and turn it into a cell-block maze of advertising networks, and remove all central access to all parts of the ‘matrix’ we call the Internet

Just Say No to Social Network Giants

Here it is;

“The time one can be wasting on Instagram in my case, is much better to spend adding products to my store, and blogging on my own website, which pulls people directly from the search engines to me.
Instagram is useless for sharing your stuff to except for increasing brand awareness. But you can’t paste the link into Instagram, for people to click on, and the only way you can get them to do that, is to pay for advertising.

I have  paid for advertising campaigns in Facebook and Instagram before, and the funny thing is, although they tell me they sent 600 people to my shopping cart check out, every month I ever did advertising, I sold less than half of what I usually sell.

I also blogged a lot less on my own website, because I was spending time on Instagram and other such useless networks.

It is a falsity and I believe blog posts like this are actually paid   By Instagram and Facebook to make people believe they have to advertise.

Defend Against Human Brainwashing Through Internet Trending

Every single individual user in Facebook is pushed into trying to boost the post by paying for it.
There are more advertisers than consumers.
In this day and age, every Facebook and Instagram profile owner is a potential advertiser. There is not enough advertising space for us to have our adverts placed in optimal positions. .

Advertising, is the biggest scam in the world in the moment, and it is highly deceptive. It is a common factor with the wise, that advertising is a waste of money. It was a waste of money in the days that all we had was paper to advertise on, and it is still a waste of money in the present day.

Just blog on your own websites, and share your product links to Facebook, and the networks like Pinterest and so on.
But to hell with Instagram which is like a prison that does not let you post any links at all don’t believe the hype. since I have stopped advertising and focus more on posting on my own website and just sharing links to the posts to networks which allowed me to share, my sales have doubled.  All of these “five best ways to do something” type blog posts are not really useful.

They are deliberately composed looking for SEO search engine terminologies. And they are intended to catch people looking for information on these topics. But the information given is not true. It’s just you trying to get traffic to your website by using powerful blog post title  such as “the five best ways to sell on Instagram”.

I would advise everybody else to make blog posts like this on their own websites and I guarantee it will bring more success then going to Instagram and paying for an advert. which is why you have posted this blog post and it’s why you didn’t pay to advertise it on Instagram.

Instagram is a closed environment tantamount to a prison. Tim Berners-Lee did not intend us to chop the Internet up into little closed cell blocks. and even if it was useful what you are saying, I would still advise everybody to boycott it, because it is shaping the Internet into a massive prison full of individual cellblocks called APPS.

We need one central access point to find everything on the internet, that is unbiased, but such a thing does not really exist.

 Google is very biased in its search results, because it is a Advertising engine, not a search engine.

It shows who it wants to on the first page (mostly advertisers), and every Tom Dick and Harry’s little personal blog doesn’t have much chance of people finding them anymore.

I don’t support this trendsetting masterplan, designed to trick people into following the advertising trend.

These companies are making billions, and serving false information and false statistics to advertisers, and they’re making  immense amounts of money from it. This maybe Lawful (Legal) but that does not mean it is Moral, and also does not mean it is not deceptive.

it is not illegal to deceive or be immoral. Legality does not address moral issues, rather, only legislative ones, and ignores the fact that often, it is the accused who has been abused, and the accuser who is the deceiver and abuser.

NO FB - NO Instagram

For example, Facebook owns your Profile and all of the uploaded images and other Data which comes from your personal life. This is not Moral, it is Evil, but, the Governments and Lawcourts don’t care, because it is Lawfully written in the signup terms when you create a Profile.

However, in a Moral Society, this  kind of legal word bandying and clever selfish behaviour, should and would be forbidden. No company should have the right to own and keep your data, and forbid you from deleting it, but the Law allows this. Laws allow abuse, and do not address Humane or Ethical Issues at all.

There is no Benefit at all by playing along with these companies such as Instagram and Facebook. Its turning us (humanity), into a bunch of Muppets.

In the old days, people went to individual owned forums, to have fun, meet up and talk with each other, and we could find each other much easier.

These days they’re killing all of those forums by making everybody do it on Facebook.

To hell with Facebook let’s go back to forums which are owned by real people I mean individuals. And let’s not support the death of that by all sitting on Facebook, and clicking the LIKE button, so that they can gather data about  what kind of advertising to serve to us!

Boycott it and burn them to the ground!

I can guarantee everybody that I am very successful and make very good money without having to use those places at all. The more time I spend on those networks the less work I get done and the more my sales decrease. It is a complete deception.

This how to advertise blog post I came to by clicking on the link in your other blog post about “five best ways sell on Instagram” both that post and this post and the other posts which link to each other within this website are Merely composed to create powerful SEO for Yotpo.

What is Yotpo?

Yotpo is a Review Software for your Website or Business Website, who charge for the service. They do have a free version but it doesn’t let you moderate the comments, and that leaves you very quickly in need of upgrading and then you are enslaved to monthly payments, as if you had a house mortgage! Forever Pay! (FUCK OFF)

I pay one single subscription a month for my ecommerce solution, and thats it – i use my own workarounds better than all these addon services, with forever monthly payment subscriptions for use of the software.. one time payment is ok for these third party addons, but eternal monthly payments?? naaahh.


Whatever happened to one time payments.. you know like Photoshop.. pay for it and you are done.. These days they want to keep peeling you forever

Yotpo is also not worth paying as a review software, because my Facebook pages already have a free review feature on them and I can send my customers there to give me reviews.

Word press has a lot of free review plug-ins too, and so all of the services are pushing themselves using virality and trendsetting by making blog posts  with titles like “Ten best Ways for us to Convince you to sign up with our Afilliates”, made to convince everybody to sign up.

But do you know what? It isn’t true. It’s just everybody grabbing, or trying to grab a piece of the ‘pay every month forever’ pie, including Instagram, Facebook, and Yotpo.”

As i said previously


Instagram Isnt Worth Wasting Your Time On! And neither are any of the other Big Brothers of Social Networking.

And did you notice? I titled this post ‘10 Reasons Why Instagram Isnt Worth Wasting Your Time On‘  ???

But in fact, i gave about a Hundred reasons.. It’s just to show how the title which uses ’10 reasons’ or similar, is a spammy type of good SEO used by bloggers to get traffic, but it doesn’t always contain any truthful or useful reasons at all.. its just a cheapskate way of getting traffic!

Wake Up and Free Yourself

Why are we Humans so Dishonest and Self Interest Based? It is a cause of the ruination of the Internet, and makes us a bunch of Deceivers. Shame on the Human Heart.

Get a Life People, and refrain from contributing to this Trend which is going to turn us into a Bunch of Soma Consumers, just like in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.


The Future is Not Mobile (OS) Its Mobile Desktop (OS)

I recorded a morning Rant (Published as a Podcast below), which i made whilst sat with a coffee, reading messages from frustrated colleagues complaining about mobile related issues (“This app i use for my work has dissapeared”, “My apps have updated to become paid apps and are too expensive”, “My favourite app has disappeared from the appstore after i paid for it…)

Frustrated with Mobile Apps and Devices

And this triggered my mind to wander off and list a lot of my own frustrations with the mobile ecosphere and mobile operating system, and its failings and weaknesses when using mobile OS for Content Creation, Productivity and Workflow.  It became apparent to me that the statement ‘The Future is Mobile’ (something i have been saying since 2004), is a fallacy when stated so simply.

The future is not mobile 0S.. The future is that desktop OS, Will go into mobile devices. It is the device that we should see as going Mobile, but not the operating system. It is the desktop operating system which will, and IS currently being incorporated into small portable mobile devices. This should indeed deprecate any stunted puny Mobile operating system, because none of them can fulfil the task as well as desktop operating system can. As I was pondering this in my half waking state, which some people may call Hypnagogic, I decided to record my thoughts as a podcast, and publish it, so here it is.

In the Podcast, i state many of my own personal disappointments which have served to disenchant me as far as Mobile OS and the Future of Mobile, as far as its applied uses are concerned. The main issue which occurs to me is that MObile OS is 100% Consumption Based, and has very little thought up to cater for content creators and productivity. All content creation and productivity apps are pretty stunted compared to their Desktop OS versions, a perfect example of that to demonstrate being Photoshop CS, compared to Adobe Photoshop PS Express in iOS and Android. There is absolutely no comparison.

Then of course the monkey see, monkey do, tendency of corporations to follow all their trends and instincts to use apps, to gather data and take advantage of the user as much as possible for their own purposes. App developers in general do very little to actually benefits the end user, and most of their”New features” are designed to gather data from the user and serve advertisers ads to you the end user. It’s all about gathering user data, And very few of the”features added” are actually useful to the end user. Mostly, apps are designed, to gather your consumer data, in order to sell to advertisers, or to advertise their own products.

I myself paid for two game apps in the Apple app store paying $20 each for those apps, namely; chaos rings one, and chaos rings two, from Square Enix, who are the makers of the Final Fantasy role-playing game series. After iOS updated to iOS nine, both of these games broke and stopped working, and square in mix removed both of them from the app store. What about the million people who pay $20 each for those games? We paid for them and we have had them stolen back from us!

Of course one could take legal action and SUE them, but one would have to do first find out which country one has to sue them in, because it might be the American branch,  or the Japanese branch. And then, if you want to sue them for two 20$ apps, I can tell you it will be impossible. I have had to hire a lawyer in Singapore during the last few years and can tell you that if you want to sue anyone or take anything to court, that you have to pay $10-$15,000 retainer just to get through the first two hearings. They will also tell you that There is no guarantee that the people you are suing will be forced to pay your legal costs. And so, unless person has $15-$30,000 to waste, then it’s not worth suing them for $40. These companies know this, and that’s why they can get away with it. There is no point complaining to Apple because they will just ignore you.

Fuck You Apple

The point is then, that people’s Faith and Trust in the products in the marketplace of the app stores is fading, because there is no guarantee that the apps you pay for, won’t disappear suddenly! They do, i can confirm that.

One of my favourite apps which I use to remotely post to my many WordPress blogs is called blog pad pro and have been using it on my iPad since 2014. However since then they stop supporting and updating the app which I paid $15 for. And so there is no security in using apps or paying for them using the mobile ecosphere. The same happened with Adobe photo shop touch for iOS. They haven’t updated this paid app which I paid $8 for, since 2014! When I open the app on my iPhone now in 2017, I get a pop-up window, which states; “This app Will slow down your iPhone – the developer needs to update to the current operating system”.

I wrote to the Adobe feedback section about this and they never even answered me. I keep sending them screenshot of the pop-up message and complaining, but there is no response.

I have a much more powerful version of the photo shop app on my Mac computer, which is the 2014 version of Adobe photo shop CS. It never asked me to update and I’m still using it and it serves me well. This shows how with desktop OS, you don’t have constant updates and there is very little risk that you will lose your apps.

I think that explains one of the other reasons why the mobile era is going to hang itself by the neck.

The other main issue is that of functionality;  It is so fiddly trying to use your own invented workarounds to try to complete the workflow on a mobile device with a mobile OS. Especially with an Apple device which has no mouse pad/trackpad or cursor.

However, we can see something new arriving, which is also what is going to pull the noose around the neck of mobile operating systems. There are now fully functional desktop operating system is appearing within Mobile tablet size devices. And even a first attempt at making mobile phone able to perform desktop style operations, by plugging it into an external keyboard, mouse and screen.

I speak of course of the Microsoft surface pro and even more impressive, the new galaxy book 10 and 12 inch Windows 10 devices. The Samsung Galaxy Book has a keyboard case very much like that of the iPad Pro. But it has a trackpad too!

What’s the point in fiddling about on an iPad when you can have a fully fledged desktop operating system on a device the same size and weight?

The future of mobile is not mobile operating systems. The future of mobile, is desktop operating system within portable device.

What is an App?

What is an App Anyway if not a Browser with one single domain as its total scope of visitation?

What is an App?

Hey let’s take the Google U-tube app for example; the app itself doesn’t have anything inside it except in a frame or better said a browser window. This browser window takes you to

What we call the mobile app is actually just another version of the YouTube website on its on server redesigned to accommodate small mobile screens. It also removes half of the functionality that you might find in a fully fledged browser. And so most apps like YouTube and Facebook, I’m really stunted browsers that only allow you to go to one single domain you can go to the mobile or the desktop version of in any universal browser, be it Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or any other browser, and in addition, you can visit any other website that exists on the Internet in the same browser window. You can’t do that in an app!

The Open Free Market of WWW

An Open Internet for All

Although I would say there is no such thing as an unbiased search engine, and that search engines like Google and Bing, are merely there to serve advertising, and give you a few results from their preferred affiliates or preferred websites. But at least, with some diligent searching, you can still find the blog of John Doe who is somebody in a village somewhere in the Ukraine and makes blog about his life. If all we have to search for all of everybody’s content on the www, is apps, and search engines like Google, who are advertising based, then it will become ever harder for ‘little old me’ and ‘little old you’ with your tiny personal blog, to get some exposure, and for us to be able to find each other’s websites

If all we use is Facebook to post and share content, instead of our own blogs and websites, then we will all become anonymous, and the world will have no open source internet anymore, where you can find information written by anybody and everybody

The internet is becoming a closed environment instead of an open Matrix

In ‘The Old Days’ we wold have all of the content on the internet linked with a neural synape network of connected links (like Wikipedia links to its own internal pages, but inbstead, all websites linking to and referring to each other. You dont see websites linking to each other much anymore, instead, we see adverts, afilliate links, and internal links.

A Message from the Inventor of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee on the 28th Birthday of the Internet mentions Three Challenges for the Web,  to add to his Initial Proposal for the Web made back at the beginning of the Internet Era 28 years Ago (written in 2017).

The three issues he mentions as;

1. We’ve lost control of our personal data.

2.  It’s too easy for misinformation to spread on the web

3.  Political advertising online needs transparency and understanding

To get a better understanding from the Horse’s Mouth, instead of my feeble explanation, you could do much worse than to listen to Tikm himsef speaking on the Next Evolution of the Internet, and what issues need addressing, in the below TED Talk

A Policy of Containment

I will be short here as i wish to make a longer article about the Policy of Containment, but to be brief, i will say that the wide open savannah of the world wide web, is becoming a Landscape of Cell-Blocks with  Individual Apps, containing the end user/consumer within its own closed environment, and preventing the user form leaving to go somewhere else to enjoy content. During all of this, you are being served Ads, and your consumer behaviour is being gathered and stored for further optimised advertising.

For your perusal and contemplation, i have added a list of related links below, to strengthen and underline, and expand on the points i make in this article;

Browsers, Not Apps, are the Future of Mobile

The Future is Without Apps

Why we won’t Use Mobile Apps in the Future

Google Says Apps Have No Future

Why Mobile Apps Will Soon Be Dead – MIT Technology Review

The Future of Mobile Apps (Business Insider)

The End of Apps, and the Future of the Web

As a last question, we ask “in whose hands is the Future of Mobile?” (Steve Balmer? or Developers?)

Dot com dot net dot co website which is best for seo?

Which domain suffix is TLD (Top Level Domain) as far as Search Engines are Concerned? This post shares my experience with over 130 websites, with various domain endings. Which domains have rendered the best search results? Content is King.

There are a hell of a lot of blog posts on the Internet both old and new, which deem themself qualified to inform you of which kind of domain name ending is the best to get top search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and all the other search engines.

However, one thing I have noticed about almost all of these blogs on their authors is that it is highly unlikely that any of them alone and manage the content of domains with all of those domain endings.

I myself own, designed and administrate over 130 websites on domaiins which I have owned since about 10 years. This leads me to believe, that is my experience hands-on with those websites which have different domain endings, which allows me a superior insight to those bloggers who are blogging about which domain suffixes are the best for getting search results.

 Content Rules - Content is King

I can definitely say, that doing a search for ‘Buddha Magic’ which i own two domains on ( amd that either of thise domains can take the higher ranking, regardless of the domain name ending being .net or .tv

I have over 130 websites, Including .com .net .us, and .co

I have been easily able to use .net  and .co to compete against .com websites and gain superior rankings to my competitors

Some of those domains are .com, others,.co, .org, and even .tv

The only thing I have needed to gain equally good results as far as search engine first page positions are concerned is, lots of good content within the pages of my websites.  If I were to dare to say any domain suffixes which are more powerful than others, I would say that a .net domain is equally powerful to a .com domain.

But this is only true when the content within it is able to compete with the content if its .com competitor.  It is hard to have a take a fast page number one position in Google, but I have been able to do so against domain with my domain. This was possible because I put much more content and self written quality content into my website making it much larger than my .com competitor

I constantly have to do Google keyword searches and even other search engines to such as Bing and Yahoo to see how my domains are doing. I do this both logged in and not logged in to Google and Yahoo to see how the search engines serve me when  (with and without Tracking.. which i change in google search settings). 

 With one of my most successful websites,, it took me about three months to get up within the top three search results in Google search.

The only website which can actually maintain first position above it without any fluctuation is one website which is the best and domain of the genre which is actually online.  The only reason I would say the necessity to have domain is when your competitors have excellent content and lodge websites to compete against. But if your competitors do not have any content with you yourself are on able to compete with and improve upon then I domain is fine to gain a strong search engine page result 

Geotargeted Domains

The one domain which has behaved differently is the domain, which is of course Geo targeted. This type of tld (top level domain), is be chosen by Google to appear in higher search engine rankings for people searching within the United States of America. 

Being located in Thailand, it is difficult for me to do a manual text of the results that page is getting. But from the sales I receive in my online store, I can see which people are coming through that domain. This Geo targeted .US domain, won’t ever be able to compete in international worldwide searches against or domain name. But it will take a higher ranking for a local search within its Geo located area. Or use that domain to grab new searchers within the United States add to get better sense results than the non Geo-targeted domains fir international traffic .


.Co domains can also easily take a high search engine ranking, like a .net, and because of me that you failed the website with quality content. Search engine still use words and strings of text to find content. And so, the more words and the more texts things you have in the pages of your website, the higher the chances of people finding you in the search engines.

Words are Wordsworth..

The  More words you write, the more chances a search engine has, of finding some of words searched for within the paragraphs of your pages. If you don’t have the words which people are searching for in the pages of your website, then it doesn’t matter at all whether your domain is,, or even a .Zimbabwe domain


Content is King

The only thing anybody ever searches for on the Internet is content. This is what any webmaster should focus on it doesn’t matter about all the other things unless you get that right first.

If you are dedicated to creating lots of quality content, then I would say it is not so important which domain suffix you use.

Useful content is often shared on social networks, and Internet uses a consuming ever more content which is being pushed down their throats, through suggestions, than they are directly searching for things themselves, using a search engine.

And so search results, are not the only thing for a webmaster to worry about. In fact, when I look at the data which tells me where my visitors are coming from, only a certain percentage of it comes from direct clicks from a search engine. Most of them come from social sharing and clicks from social networks.

Until the things which were important to 10 years ago, and five years ago, I perhaps not as important as most SEO bloggers would believe, or at least what they would tell you in their blogs

 There is a hell of a lot more to this matter than what domain name you use and the quality of your content. But I think that quality content and time spent on creating it, will bring much more powerful search results, than sitting tweaking and fine-tuning the background data for the search engines.  

I would prefer to spend three hours writing an excellent article, which will stand on the Internet and bring me traffic for years to come, than to spend the same three hours tweaking fine SEO details (title, keywords, description, rich snippets etc) and that to optimize your website for robots to read, tends to make it less of an enjoyable read for the real human beings who arrives to enjoy the website.

 Putting the recommended number of repeat key words within the passages of a blog post to make the search engines happy, would result in the blog post repeating itself to the point where the reader feels like he is reading spam .

I don’t take any notice of those rules and just writes the content how I find it to be graceful. Quality content is king

Content is King in Google


The Death of Pinch to Zoom and Landscape Mode

 I’m always brainstorming about the world of the Internet and it’s quirks, and how it’s constantly changing. This morning as I woke up, I was pondering upon the fact that it has become ever more frustrating when trying to use my iPhone 5s (which of course is a little bit of a small screen to use for searching the web).  

I was thinking, how more and more common it is becoming, that you arrive on the website, and find that you cannot use two fingers on the screen to pinch and zoom. 

I was then laughing to myself about how stupid the world is truly, that five years ago, all mobile devices were being advertised for their ability to use the touchscreen with two fingers to pinch and zoom.  This was indeed, a very useful aspect of touchscreen device use, due to the fact, that small screens need this feature to be able to read some of the very small text in websites.  

Pinch to Zoom

I then began to wonder if other people have noticed at all, that more and more websites have managed to put in code to block the pinch to zoom feature on mobile touchscreens. This is because of so many different screen sizes, and the web designers are avoiding having difficulty with displayIng  their websites. But isn’t it ironic? That five years ago everybody was enjoying the pinch to zoom feature, and that these days you can how do use it anymore because half of the websites you land on have actually deactivated the feature on your mobile device!

 And so we are now looking at the end of pinch to zoom, five years after it was introduced. I personally use it ever less, because it is less and less usable. The second feature which has become almost defunct, is the landscape mode on the iPhone.  

I remember when I got my first iPhone in 2011, many apps were able to be used in landscape and portrait mode and all websites were able to be used in both modes. Since then many websites have added a redirect, which senses you are arriving in your iPhone, and they put you on their mobile version of that site which forces a portrait mode. As for apps, I would say about 70% of apps have now completely deactivated the portrait mode and are not using the universal app method of development, and are forcing the iPhone into landscape mode just like you can see in the example of the famous Instagram app. For typing this is a hellish torture 

 I noticed this has even now become the case with Google search, that once you have made a search on an iPhone you cannot pinch to zoom the search results page it is static and tiny and unreadable for my old eyes even in landscape mode (which is still possible and Google search on an iPhone).  While Nerf google search would deactivates the pinch to zoom feature is beyond me and I can only put it down to the lack of innovative ability of their web interface designers who cannot seem to adapt their design to all sizes of mobile screens 

The reduction of the usage if pinch to zoom may however, also have something to do with a conspiratorial boycott against Apple’s 7.844.915 Patent Claim. The claim defines a rule about a touchscreen knowing when one finger is using a feature, amd two or more other fingers are doing something else simultaneously on the same screen. This issue has been raised in a court trial by Apple against the Samsung company, where they claim that Samsung have been copying the iPhone and other iOs devices.

Apple Patent 7.844,915
Apple Patent 7.844,915

Considering Google are the makers if the Android OS, They will also be on Samsung’s side in this matter, which explains why they have made their search page results impossible to pinch and zoom, at least on an Apple device.

A google spokesman made a statement about the Samsung case, saying “Apple claims a very specific software implementation, and the implementation is different with Jelly Bean”.


Whatever the true reasons are, and i suspect them to be multiple unrelated reasons, ranging from the conspiratorial and the corporate legal reasons, to the simple reasons of lazy webmasters avoiding complicating their webpage design solutions with variable screen size adaptation, it seems that Pinch to Zoom is no longer the Universally usable feature that first made small touchscreen devices usable as a web browsing tool.

As to Landscape mode in iPhone,  half the Apps on my iphone are forced into Portrait Mode, which makes them no pleasure at all to use, and so my iPhone is now more or less only used for three purposes: messaging in iMessage, Photos with the Camera, and of course, its original purpose.. For telephony.

Rest in Eternal Peace? Or does Reincarnation Exist for Pinch to Zoom and Landscape Mode?

Reincarnation of the Mobile Phone


Walking Dead Season Pass iTunes Ripoff

Walking Dead Series 6 Season Pass in iTunes 37$ Overpriced!

I have 14 of the 16 Episodes in his season, and iTunes still expects me to pay 42.99$ to complete the Season pass

Walking Dead Season 6 iTunes Season Pass Ripoff
Walking Dead Season 6 iTunes Season Pass Ripoff
What a deceptive manouvre from Amc and Apple: if you buy the season pass without waiting for each episode, firstly you will end up stuck waiting half a year for the second half, and you will pay $37 more than you need to if all you want is the actual episodes. That’s 37 bucks extra, just to watch a few short behind the scenes clips!


The only way to buy a series on Apple TV or iTunes, is to pay for each episode one by one. If not you are going to be paying $30-$40 extra when you buy a season pass. What a rip off!

RIP Firefox Drowned

Firefox is often said to be the best browser for Mac and Windows, but this has become a Fallacy lately.

Firstly one should know that the current news on firefox is “The death of Firefox”, and that is has security issues like never before, and is losing ground to all other major browsers. As an ex firefox freak even i have deinstalled it from all my devices, after it turned out to be the sole culprit for compromising my Mac with the google linkbucks malware and other trojans.
Firefox is not the best browser for Mac. Because of the faster rate of updates in Flash, most browsers on a Mac will have repeated compatibility issues every few days with websites waring that flash needs upgrading for the website to work. The truth is, that web content is increasing is technological advancement faster than browsers can keep up with, and there is currently not a single browser for Mac that does not fail in one point or another.
Safari is currently the best in my opinion, but has a lot of compatibility issues with Java and Flash and AJAX/JSON based scripts. Uploading images to websites may result in other functionality becoming deactivated until you refresh the page, or creating image folders in facebook profiles or pages for example, is impossible in Safari. Uploading multiple images does not work, only uploading to timeline on the wall works.

The cursor disappears often with Java based functions such as uploading files.. Chrome works well but is a total invasion of privacy by Google, for which reason i refuse to install it. Chromium is good but it has issues because it uses Pepper Flash which is not compatible with many sites. Maxxthon is also a total invasion of privacy, as are most browsers these days. In fact, the whole word wide web is now merely a Marketing Platform instead of a free information source.

The internet is one big spyware and marketing tool, which is not what Tim Berners-Lee intended to happen with it when he gave it to the Public Domain. Search Engines are Biased towards their own Advertising and block any results they do not wish to value, so who gets a say or a presence on the internet, is not a democratic affair. All Men are Not Equal. Try watching the movie “The Internet’s Own Boy’

Water Fox

Instead of Firefox, i am currently testing “Waterfox“, and will be making a review of this browSer in an upcoming post. Waterfox is a 64 Bit Browser Software using Intel C++ Compiler, which was developed in 2011 by a 16 Year Old student, by the name of Alex Kontos. It is based on the Mozilla Browser and is primarily designed for speed, and is said to have less compatibility issues with Adobe Plugins, which is an issue that has Plagued Firefox for Years now.