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What Lies Between Science and Buddhism?

Quantum Physics and Buddhism

A discussion between Quantum Physicists and the Dalai Lama, spurned my thoughts to form opinions and views, and to eventually conclude, that even such higher views, are in truth, not the path to Enlightenment, and in fact, are precisely one of the main obstacles, which are linked to one of the primary Fetters, which prevent our eventual Enlightenment!

Einstein and Buddhism Quote

After listening to a very interesting conversation and discussion between Quantum Physicists and the Dalai Lama, it occurred to me as i was listening with interest, and forming my own opinions and views (Dhitti), that it is our views, which are the cause of our sufferings, and the cause of our false self-identification (Sakaaya Dhitti).

The Buddha gave a discourse on Views (Dhitti), and explained how all views are false, and do not lead to Nibbana (Peace and Stilling of Stressful Agitation)

All such discussions and subsequent views which arise, are pointless, Because enlightenment, only comes, when all views have been destroyed.

All of the arguments which may be scientific, or philosophical, are based in views.
And views, are all erroneous.

It is only with the stilling of the analytical thought process, the stilling of the question, and the extinguishing of the need to know an answer, that brings peace.

Enlightenment comes with the stilling of these questions, not the raising of them. Liberation comes with the destroying of Views, and the abandonment of the Fetters. Not with the raising of questions, and forming of views.

Hence, the search for views which correlate between Buddhist and Scientific Thought, are not the Path. The discussion serves to gaiin favourable opinion with those Humans who believe that sicence, is superior to religion, and is made by Physicists who are Buddhist, who are acting out of a clinging desire to spread Buddhism, for it is the Religion they Love.

The result is auspicious, because it leads more people to contemnplate the Dhamma. But if quantum physics truly aligns with the Buddha-Dhamma, then people will also be able to use Physics to become enlightened.. which is something i seriously doubt.

The Dhamma is not a view, it destroys views.

Quantum Physics imposes views


Here are the two videos of the discussion with the Dalai Lama, which spawned this post and podcast.