Ajarn Spencer

Jack of All Trades, Web Guru, Ajarn Sak Yant, Dhamma Teacher, Author, Anthropologist, Occultist, Linguist, Ufologist, Historian, Philosopher, Online Entrepreneur, Anarchist, Human Rights Activist, Musician, Astronomer, Sci-Fi Freak, Amulet Trader, Podcaster and Blogger

Ajarn Spencer

Contact Ajarn Spencer Littlewood

Contact Ajarn Spencer Littlewood

If you want to contact me, use any of the below methods to send your messages or questions. Please be patient for a reply as i get a lot of emails (more than i can answer), and so have to choose which are the most important for me to answer. I apologize for not being able to respond to all the emails i get, as they are too many to process in one day (hundreds)

you can contact me on
Line; thailandamulets
email; ajarnspencer (at) icloud (dot) com
iMessage; ajarnspencer (at) icloud (dot) com
skype; buddha-magic

I dont take phone calls because mostly the people who call dont need help, rather wish to drill me for endless amounts of info for hours and my day is too busy to be able to allow such conversations.

The future from 2018 onwards will see eventual multiple person Facetime available for ashram talks, with up to 30 people in the same video chatroom, once Apple have implemented their new multi facetime feature, after which group sessions will be held for FAQs and Ashram Meets.

Things i don’t wish to talk about;

Sak Yant Tattoo Masters and their Whereabouts

If i do Magic Rituals as a Service (I do Not)

Can i teach You Magic Spells (I only do this with people who have practiced with me and are advanced in Dhamma).

Things i Love to Talk About;

Dhamma, and the Path to Enlightenment,

Thai Buddhism and Thai Occult.

Thai Culture and History

Artificial Intelligence and Related Technologies

Quantum Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics

The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe

NASA Missions, and Humanity’s onward march towards ‘conquering’ Space, and Colonization of Other Planets..

Human Rights, and Human Rights Abuse Countries

The Human Condition

The History of the Universe, and the Evolution of Life, and the History of Human Civilisation

UFOs and other Seemingly Unexplainable Phenomena

Truth and the Spirit, and how to be Real Again and Re-Enter the Mindstate of Being in the Spirit, whilst still being in the body, and learning to speak from the spirit, which is the most powerful kind of magic that can be performed, and is the true abode of us.

Lots of other things such as Evolutionary Sciences, Anthropology, Psychology, Philosophy, Sacred and Scientific Geometry, Ancient Monuments, Mysteries of the Ancients, Webmastery, Internet Technology, Futurism, Vipassana Mindfulness, and Meditation, and of course the Lersi Hermit Gods, and Thai Mythological Himapant Animals…. the list goes on…  I prefer to acquaint myself with ‘Pundits’ (learned men), and prefer learned conversations. So if you have some questions or conversation to excite or incite me to respond, i will do so, but if your communication is based in ignorance, impolite, without introduction, or otherwise lacking in points of interest, or respect towards the addressee, then i may not respond, unless i feel i am able to help the person ascend and escape out of their own ignorance.  Some people can be taught, and know how to listen, think, when to ask, and who take note of what they have learned… just like the Pundit and the Philosopher;



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