Thai Ramakien

A Ramakien Tale

I once wrote hundreds of blog posts on a blogspot blog about the Thailand version of the Ramayana epic myth, and the blog was somehow destroyed when Google changed their server technologies. It seems so much work to retype it all on a keyboard, and so I have made it into an audiobook story, as a series of podcasts. You can follow the plot through these podcasts in the embedded playlist on this page, or subscribe to my Soundcloud channel, or even through iTunes if you use Apple iPad or MacBook.

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Subscribe to Buddha Magic with iTunes

Thailand’s Ramakien, differs quite a lot from the original Indian epic mix of Vedic fame, and can be considered a story in its own right with it on originality and it’s on particular style.

It is one of the greatest literary works in Thai literature, and one of the most fascinating stories ever written.

I hope you enjoy my version of ‘A Ramakien Tale’, and that it increases your knowledge and experience of Thai culture, literature,  religion, and history.

Featured image; Ravana (Totsagan) – the ten faced twenty armed Demon Asura King of Langka, and Opponent of Prince Rama (Pra Ram) – Ramakien Tales


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