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Seven Planetary Angels in Thai Buddhism

Planetary Intelligences as Personifications, depicting Deities which rule, over the days of the week, it’s something which is found, in various pantheons, of various cultures and religions, both now and in the ancient past . These are the ones to be found in Thai Buddhism which is heavily influenced by Brahmanism, and has firm beliefs in the power of astrology.

Planetary Deva

A small slideshow with beautiful imagery, depicting the seven planetary angelic intelligences, which are represented in personified forms, as the seven Deities of the weekdays, each one being attributed to a particular day of the week.

I hope you can appreciate both the mythological aspect as well as the artistic aspect of the slideshow, and also learn more about the Thai Buddhist cosmological pantheon, through watching it.

The Below video is a tutorial showing how to use these Devas for Bucha in a Yantra Cloth set which i have been giving out free to friends and to customers of my amulet store at www.thailand-amulets.net

How to chant each line of the Kata for the set of Planetary Astrological Deva Yantra Cloths which we have been sending out to many customers. Full length Tutorial click here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Tqj8…

This tutorial shows how the Kata is chanted in itself in proper order of the lines of the Kata, but not in correct order of days, rather, in correct order of the Kata itipiso Hong Dton as contained within the set. Please follow this playlist for the next upload which will teach you how to do not only this Kata with text overlays to assist you (subtitles), but will also who how to recite it each day in correct order of the days of the week, in complete and correct formula!

If you received one of these sets with your order from us at Thailand Amulets, Buddhist Amulet or Ancient Amulet stores, then this will help you to perform Bucha by chanting the Kata for each Yantra Cloth

The series begins with; Yellow on Monday

Pink Tuesday

Green Wednesday Daytime

Black Wednesday Night time

Orange on Thursday

Blue on Friday

Purple on Saturday

Red on Sunday

Use the White one every day before the other Devas of the Days of the Week