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Writing for the Future to Save Re-Editing

Writing for the Future – Planning Ahead with Your Published Content

When you write your book, article, blogpost or description to a file you may upload to the Internet, or tell a story, in a podcast or video or written article, you may not think ahead to see some of the errors which may arise ovcer time, but which are not present at the time of writing. For bloggers and content creators this is an essential ‘Wicha’ (science) to develop, understand and master. In webmastery it is extremely important to try to keep one’s content valid as time passes for as long as possible, to avoid deprecation, and inaccuracy.

Hlek Jarn + Kampir Yant Lanna - inscription tool and sacre parchment grimoire of Yant from the Thai Yai Shan people
Hlek Jarn + Kampir Yant Lanna – inscription tool and sacre parchment grimoire of Yant from the Thai Yai Shan people

I have learned this as i write articles for my Buddha Magic Project, and make write-ups of the amulets and other items i sell in my online stores. Here is an example of how one can write without thinking ahead, how a mistake can appear in time, which was not present at time of writing, and how one can look ahead and avoid such mistakes in future. In the below case i use the topic of Buddhist Amulets, and how i write about them to avoid making mistakes or inaccurate statements;

I used to write stuff like ‘this amulet was made by this 108 year old monk’ and then i would see my post 3 years later and realise ‘now the monk is 111 years old and my info is outdated’ 

Now when i write, i am careful not to write such things, and would write for example ‘this monk was born in the year 1954’, which leaves the data correct for future readers. People who make video content, can sometimes also think ahead when they prepare their narratives. For example, a Youtuber who does app reviews, could say ‘Currently this app does not work with iOS 10 at time of posting this video’ and say the date at time of posting. This would allow later viewers to see the temporary nature of the ‘Truth’ spoken at the time of posting, which later, becomes an ‘Untruth’, as things change in Time. Always think about these things when you are writing or speaking about things in your publications, to develop a more skilful approach to your content creation, with maximum validity over time.