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Walking Dead Season Pass iTunes Ripoff

Walking Dead Series 6 Season Pass in iTunes 37$ Overpriced!

I have 14 of the 16 Episodes in his season, and iTunes still expects me to pay 42.99$ to complete the Season pass

Walking Dead Season 6 iTunes Season Pass Ripoff
Walking Dead Season 6 iTunes Season Pass Ripoff
What a deceptive manouvre from Amc and Apple: if you buy the season pass without waiting for each episode, firstly you will end up stuck waiting half a year for the second half, and you will pay $37 more than you need to if all you want is the actual episodes. That’s 37 bucks extra, just to watch a few short behind the scenes clips!


The only way to buy a series on Apple TV or iTunes, is to pay for each episode one by one. If not you are going to be paying $30-$40 extra when you buy a season pass. What a rip off!