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Parental Alienation is Child Abuse

Parental Alienation is a subject/phenomena that most people haven’t even heard of. Public awareness of this terrible scourge, that destroys children’s social and family welfare around the world, is almost nonexistent.

But the phenomena exists, and is a widespread problem around the world in Human Society. it is also neglected by the Legal System and the Child Welfare Ministries of the countries of the world.

How Parents Abuse their Kids when they Alienate

The incapacity of the legal system to recognise, accept and rule on this matter, is a detriment to society, and is ion dire need of addressing. Some countries are looking at introducing Parental Alienation as a real issue, and even perhaps criminalising it.

To inform yourselves of what Parental Alienation is about, i recommend watching the below documentary about Parental Alienation

Hundreds of thousands of parents and children are the target of Parental Alienation, which is a cause of great damage to the child, and great suffering to the alienated parent.

I myself was a child of parental alienation and abduction through retention (abduction through not letting the other parent have access). My own son was parentally abducted across international borders and i was kept from having access to him throughout the court case, which took almost 3 years. Despite parental alienation being mentioned, and 3 requests for regular interim access orders, the court was unable to process the matter, due to the fact that Parental Alienation is not even recognised yet legally.

Ways Parents Alienate Their Own Kids

To deepen your understanding of this terrible plight of parents and children, i would recommend highly listening to the below TED Talk

Parental Alienation will always be Child Abuse

I would like to quote a statement made at the SSAC 2010 ‘strong stepmom campaign’ ;

“Using a Child to Hurt Someone just because you hate the other parent, really shows how low you will go to hurt the other parent. Do You even care if it will hurt the child in the end? Probably not, because you would have stopped this horrible hate crime by now.”

Parental Alienation will always be Child Abuse

Knowingly or Unknowingly, Intentionally or Not, Parents who deliberately undermine the child’s relationship with the other parent are committing Child Abuse, and a Human Rights Crime against the other Parent, who has a God given right to access to his or her own child.

Effects of Parental Alienation on the Lives of Children

The topic of Parental Alienation is in dire need of wider public awareness and concern within society to put an end to it, and to increase human understanding of the issue, so parents can avoid unknowingly abusing their own children when caught in disputes with the other parent, i.e. Divorce and Custody.


Dads Need their Kids Too
(And so do Sons)

Links for Further Study;

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Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (Hague Website)

UK Government Website on International Parental Child Abduction.

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Can I Name a Star? (Human Morality in Question)

Can I Name A Star After Me?

There are many websites offering to register a Star in the name of your choice. But can they really do this?

To answer this question and an anthropological question about the Evolution of Human Ethics and Morality, here goes;  If we do a Google Search for ‘name a Star’ then this is what we get in the search results (see below image);

Name a Star - Buy a Star - Fake Offers on Websites in Google Search, to have a star named after you

But in Truth, if you are offered to pay to name a star in your name – its a con;

The International Astronomical Union does not accept such registrations, because only Numbers are used for stars in astronomical databases.

The IAU frequently receives requests from individuals who want to buy stars or name stars after other persons.

Mr. Fraser Cain wrote for the Universe Today website in 2013 on this Topic, and made a Video to explain the matter;

The IAU also has the following to say about this;

“Some commercial enterprises purport to offer such services for a fee. However, such “names” have no formal or official validity whatsoever. Similar rules on “buying” names apply to star clusters and galaxies as well. For bodies in the Solar System , special procedures for assigning official names apply (see the IAU theme “Naming Astronomical Objects”), but in no case are commercial transactions involved. Source;https://www.iau.org/public/themes/buying_star_names/

Law Should Be By A Moral Society

Anthropological Evolutionary Insights

The way in which society and economics push Humanity into using deceptive means and attitudes to conduct one’s profession, maintaining legality, whilst ignoring morality, is extremely concerning, considering this is part of how Humanity is Evolving Socially. Evolution of Our Species is much more than PHysical Evolution now. We are evolving Socially, Culturally, and even in Our Attitudes to Worldly Survival. Our Ethics must also Evolve in conjunction with our Laws and Social Ethics.

In this day and age, we see that the placing of importance only on what is legal, whilst ignoring if it is Moral or Immoral, as the sole measuring stick of success and civilised advancement.

We can see that we are to evolve into a race of mutual abusers, with no morals, except that whatever you do, make sure its legal and lawful, but dont worry if it is immoral or not.

Blind Justice Tempered with Morality and Mercy?  (or Not?)

Blind Justice Tempered with MNorality and Mercy (or Not?)

So long as something is legal on paper,  it’s ok in Human Society, so these websites can sell you a star, even though they don’t own it, and cannot truly legally register it for you. because of legal word bandying. But no judge or parliament seems interested if the law is being used to commit lawful and moral acts, or if it is being used to commit lawful and immoral acts?

Moral or Immoral is not an issue for law and order, but it should be!.

What is Immoral?

Above Image was sourced from a Powerpoint Slideshow Called ‘Morality’. Soucer Link; https://www.slideshare.net/christinadoyle89/morality-an-introduction-powerpoint