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Dot com dot net dot co website which is best for seo?

Which domain suffix is TLD (Top Level Domain) as far as Search Engines are Concerned? This post shares my experience with over 130 websites, with various domain endings. Which domains have rendered the best search results? Content is King.

There are a hell of a lot of blog posts on the Internet both old and new, which deem themself qualified to inform you of which kind of domain name ending is the best to get top search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and all the other search engines.

However, one thing I have noticed about almost all of these blogs on their authors is that it is highly unlikely that any of them alone and manage the content of domains with all of those domain endings.

I myself own, designed and administrate over 130 websites on domaiins which I have owned since about 10 years. This leads me to believe, that is my experience hands-on with those websites which have different domain endings, which allows me a superior insight to those bloggers who are blogging about which domain suffixes are the best for getting search results.

 Content Rules - Content is King

I can definitely say, that doing a search for ‘Buddha Magic’ which i own two domains on (buddhamagic.tv amd buddhamagic.net) that either of thise domains can take the higher ranking, regardless of the domain name ending being .net or .tv

I have over 130 websites, Including .com .net .us, and .co

I have been easily able to use .net  and .co to compete against .com websites and gain superior rankings to my competitors

Some of those domains are .com, others are.net,.co, .org, and even .tv

The only thing I have needed to gain equally good results as far as search engine first page positions are concerned is, lots of good content within the pages of my websites.  If I were to dare to say any domain suffixes which are more powerful than others, I would say that a .net domain is equally powerful to a .com domain.

But this is only true when the content within it is able to compete with the content if its .com competitor.  It is hard to have a take a fast page number one position in Google, but I have been able to do so against a.com domain with my dot.net domain. This was possible because I put much more content and self written quality content into my website making it much larger than my .com competitor

I constantly have to do Google keyword searches and even other search engines to such as Bing and Yahoo to see how my domains are doing. I do this both logged in and not logged in to Google and Yahoo to see how the search engines serve me when  (with and without Tracking.. which i change in google search settings). 

 With one of my most successful websites, www.thailand-amulets.net, it took me about three months to get up within the top three search results in Google search.

The only website which can actually maintain first position above it without any fluctuation is one website which is the best and shortest.com domain of the genre which is actually online.  The only reason I would say the necessity to have a.com domain is when your competitors have excellent content and lodge websites to compete against. But if your competitors do not have any content with you yourself are on able to compete with and improve upon then I dot.net domain is fine to gain a strong search engine page result 

Geotargeted Domains

The one domain which has behaved differently is the dot.us domain, which is of course Geo targeted. This type of tld (top level domain), is be chosen by Google to appear in higher search engine rankings for people searching within the United States of America. 

Being located in Thailand, it is difficult for me to do a manual text of the results that page is getting. But from the sales I receive in my online store, I can see which people are coming through that domain. This Geo targeted .US domain, won’t ever be able to compete in international worldwide searches against a.com or a.net domain name. But it will take a higher ranking for a local search within its Geo located area. Or use that domain to grab new searchers within the United States add to get better sense results than the non Geo-targeted domains fir international traffic .


.Co domains can also easily take a high search engine ranking, like a .net, and because of me that you failed the website with quality content. Search engine still use words and strings of text to find content. And so, the more words and the more texts things you have in the pages of your website, the higher the chances of people finding you in the search engines.

Words are Wordsworth..

The  More words you write, the more chances a search engine has, of finding some of words searched for within the paragraphs of your pages. If you don’t have the words which people are searching for in the pages of your website, then it doesn’t matter at all whether your domain is a.net, a.com, or even a .Zimbabwe domain


Content is King

The only thing anybody ever searches for on the Internet is content. This is what any webmaster should focus on it doesn’t matter about all the other things unless you get that right first.

If you are dedicated to creating lots of quality content, then I would say it is not so important which domain suffix you use.

Useful content is often shared on social networks, and Internet uses a consuming ever more content which is being pushed down their throats, through suggestions, than they are directly searching for things themselves, using a search engine.

And so search results, are not the only thing for a webmaster to worry about. In fact, when I look at the data which tells me where my visitors are coming from, only a certain percentage of it comes from direct clicks from a search engine. Most of them come from social sharing and clicks from social networks.

Until the things which were important to 10 years ago, and five years ago, I perhaps not as important as most SEO bloggers would believe, or at least what they would tell you in their blogs

 There is a hell of a lot more to this matter than what domain name you use and the quality of your content. But I think that quality content and time spent on creating it, will bring much more powerful search results, than sitting tweaking and fine-tuning the background data for the search engines.  

I would prefer to spend three hours writing an excellent article, which will stand on the Internet and bring me traffic for years to come, than to spend the same three hours tweaking fine SEO details (title, keywords, description, rich snippets etc) and that to optimize your website for robots to read, tends to make it less of an enjoyable read for the real human beings who arrives to enjoy the website.

 Putting the recommended number of repeat key words within the passages of a blog post to make the search engines happy, would result in the blog post repeating itself to the point where the reader feels like he is reading spam .

I don’t take any notice of those rules and just writes the content how I find it to be graceful. Quality content is king

Content is King in Google