Google Feedback Forms Include Screenshot Nonsense

Speaking Aside, Google YouTube’s Feedback Feature, has an ‘Include Screenshot’ Feature, which is Insanely badly thought out, because the screenshot cannot be made previously to sending the feedback, rather, just includes a screenshot of the current page in the Browser the user is on. This means, that when you choose to ‘include screenshot’ by ticking on the tickbox, all it does is include a screenshot of the ‘send feedback’ popup! What a bunch of Imbeciles!

The below video , from my new ‘The Webmaster’ Channel explains this issue visually. I am both Baffled and Abhorred at how Discombobulated Google’s UI Design Department is.

I have been webmastering since 1989, and it baffles me how a multi billion dollar company that is IT and Internet Technology based, can be so blind and stupid as to not think of this.

Any able webmaster would include an ‘Upload Screenshot’ feature, so that the user can first take a screeenshot of the event, or issue at hand, and thereafter click on the ‘send feedback’. This would allow us users to upload a screenshot of the event, instead of sending a screenshot that is completely irrelevant.
My belief is. that although i cannot code as well as some of the young new developer employees of Google Corp, being an old man of 52 years old, i still have more intuition and insights and knowledge about the vast array of issues and possible scenarios on the World Wide Web, than any of these new fandangled kids with university degrees in their specialised topic.

An Interface Designer doesn’t know how to install a sql database for example (i do) nor does a blogger know how to write a guestbook in php (i do), nor does an SEO team manager know how to edit a Movie in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere (i do), Nor does a PHP programmer know how to write an Ebook and submit it to various marketplaces (i do), nor does a graphic editor know how to hack a wordpress theme (i do), nor does a wordpress theme designer know how to create a 16 instrument hip hop song in Garage Band (i do)

Anyway, thats enough arrogant bragging; The point is that i am a jack of all trades (master of none), and have 20 years experience in multi tasking in all aspects of webmastery and content creation, and none of the individuals who are all separated into departments each to their specific specialised task, will EVER have the Insights and Oversight that i do.

And this is of course, the reason i made this YouTube Channel, to reveal my insights and share them all with you, with everything from web design, to content creation, SEO and all the many weird and wonderful things to be found in the Big Wide World of Web.

Compartmentalisation of Knowledge (*1) between different Departments in Corporate Software Development is like putting 50 blind sheep in cubicles. The left hand no longer knows what the right hand is doing. In addition, they don’t help each other due to limited authorisation of the employees in each department.

And so, the left hand no longer washes the right hand either! discombobulate and dislocated internal affairs! All to save money on resources! This is why Google is pretty blind to its own failings. This results in a Heirarchical system, rather NWO-Like in its basic structure.

Compartmentalised Knowledge, Is Dislocated Knowledge

IN any case, as i have already mentioned in a previous post; The Future of Mobile is not Mobile OS  Os, rather Desktop OS inside a Mobile (Portable) Device, as seen in the Galaxy Book Windows 10 devices, and the Windows Continuum attempt, which although is nowhere near what expectations might rise to, but is a sure prediction of how Desktop Os is going to make Mobile OS and the puny apps it has to offer, a thing of the past.

To demonstrate How Compartmentalisation as a process of Communication Breakdown has been occurring not only in  Communications Sciences and IT Management, but also in Human Language, please enjoy the amazing Documentary Below, which is extremely difficult to find on the Internet, but is a Seminal work on Etymology and the Evolution of Human Language

The Tower of Babel – Compartmentalisation of Communication from Thailand Amulets on Vimeo.


Business Processes and Management

How to prevent compartmentalisation for better managed IT Services 


(*1) Knowledge is effectively compartmentalised (or put into “compartments”) when different people not only have access to certain types of knowledge but are actually denied formally or via social norms or personal preferences from going beyond their allowable sphere. Compartmentalising knowledge has several effects. For one thing it prevents people from having a holistic view. (And since many of the phenomena that now exist can only be “understood” when several viewpoints and perspectives from various sets of knowledge.) Also, as in the Tower of Babel story in the Bible, it keeps people from different knowledge camps from communicating with each other. Finally it implicitly designates certain types of knowledge as “off limits” to some people, thus locking them out of any conversations which employed or built on the knowledge that was forbidden to them.

Ref; Compartmentalisation of Knowledge

The tower of Babel problem in Television Programming

Some very compelling evidence that the Tower of Babel was Real (Smithsonian)

Jeremy Kyle Attacks Societies Victims and Hails the Culprits

When Children Grow Up Bad, One can Blame the Parents, or Society, or Both, but please not the Child. We all know the saying “Don’t Blame the Dog, Blame its Owner”

But we rarely apply the same philosophy when it comes to Human Parents and their Children. of course that is part of our typical Human Self Denial of Facts, thinking that the rules apply to everybody ‘except us’, or if more arrogantly, ‘except me’.

Jeremy, all i can say to your Uneducated Face, is “Don’t Blame the Child, Blame the Parent”. And maybe i would say you should study the stories of the people you try to get rich on by belittling them, taking the true causes and culprits into consideration. All you did with this particular episode was to show your own ignorance of family welfare and child psychology and the effects of child neglect, or parents not paying attention when danger signs appear in the child’s life. But indeed, the Jeremy Kyle Show, and the Asshole Presenter himself survive from finding poor uneducated victims of society. These victims may seem more like “village idiots” to Uneducated James Kyle and his  Uneducated Audiences perhaps.. jesters to scorn and laugh at, throw rotten fruits at, like in the court of the Kings of Mediaeval Times)

Dumbo Kyle Ignorant Person James Kyle
Dumbo Kyle Ignorant Person James Kyle

Naah Dumbo Kyle (changing your name to Dumbo now, because that is what you are Jeremy).. all you did was destroy any hope that poor girl may ever have of finding enough self respect to heal herself. You stole that from her you mean, ignorant primitive minded ‘know it all i am better than you’ arrogant asshole. Maybe though i should call you ‘Little Adolf’,  as there are rumours around the web, that Jeremy Kyle is the biggest Nazi since Adolf Hitler, which would explain a lot of things wouldn’t it?

Is Hitler my Daddy Jeremy Kyle DNA test coming up next
Is Hitler my Daddy Jeremy Kyle DNA test coming up next

I would personally imprison Jeremy Kyle of the Jeremy Kyle Show, for psychological bullying of a person, who has obviously had no chance to become anything else, and who if her mother was honest with herself, and a good parent, would ask herself the same i would ask myself, if i caught my child on drugs and prostituting themself;

Namely, to think the Following;

“I myself have not been properly watching or noticing what has been going on with my own child’s life, and so i only have myself to blame as a parent, for allowing my child to become like this, without even noticing until it got this bad!”

Jeremy Kyle and the Mother are the one’s who need a good shouting at in the Hot-Seat,  for not recognising that people like this are unfortunate, and need a chance for recovery, that does not include public shaming.

People like this are not shameful criminals, they are unfortunate victims of lower class working society that makes humans into criminals and unfortunates. But it is Society, and the Upbringing we give our Kids that Society has conditioned us to give them, that is the true Culprit and Cause of this Phenomenon of ‘Lost Souls’.

Society Itself is to Blame, and social conditioned ‘Better than You’ stuff like Jeremy Kyle is based on bigoted puny understanding of the causes of such things; Namely, her parents, and upbringing, and how much her mother was there for her when needed.

Irresponsible Mother who never Noticed her Child Going Wrong Until Too Late
Irresponsible Mother who never Noticed her Child Going Wrong Until Too Late

Her Mother was obviously never there for her, seeing as the young lady became a prostitute and heroin addict, without her Mother ever even noticing something changing!

And society’s failure, to produce moral humans, through their schools and indoctrination of the state.. That is the True Cause of a Person’s Downfall, and it is the mother who should be in the Hotseat, not the child. And Jeremy Kyle would be in my Hotseat too, for bullying a victim on behalf of the culprit.

The Problem is that We do not have an Enlightened Society. We have an Unenlightened One. To give an Example, many practices differ from country to country. In my Birth Country of the U.K. for example, in Working Class Society, it is quite normal to tell your own child at the age of 16 that “Well i have fed you for 16 years now but now you have left school you can go get your own place and get a job” and throw your own kids out!!! Commonplace act in the U.K. i can confirm.

In Spain, parents would be appalled to hear such a thing, as they are the opposite in this matter, and would beg their children not to leave. The economy there also requires most people to live with their parents until their mid 30s due to the cost of property rental and the lack of regular employment.

James Kyle Show Bullies Unedicated Victims of Society

Our Society creates ‘Lost Souls’, in the form of Drug Addicts, Kleptomaniacs, People with ‘Perverse’ needs, Murderers, Terrorists, Religious Maniacs, Despots and Rogue Nations.

We make laws based on a belief in certain principles of Morality, which differ from Nation to Nation, religion to religion, Political Ideology to Political Ideology.. Philosophy to Philosophy

The current Understanding of the Media, and of Society and the State, is Unenlightened and Based in Primitive Understanding of the Nature of Our Problems. Our Social Conditioning and our Unenlightened Minds, without Illuminated Wisdom, are the reason why we Humans, from Ancient Times, and Even Now, are still committing Human Folly, Injustices, Persecutions of the Wrong People. We are noi different to the Humans we look back on in Time, where Torquemada Murdered millions of innocent people accusing them of witchcraft or heresy, where our best minds in science, art and philosophy have been murdered or imprisoned and silenced by how may states and governments?  Apart from the General State Lack of Comprehension of the Causes of Society’s Ills and Ailments,and its Unenlightened Approach to Healiing the Sick ‘Lost Souls’ is to Punish them and Put them Down and tell them they are Evil.

the stigmatized

But the Real Culprits never Blame Themselves.

All Jeremy Kyle did in this show, was to belittle a poor unfortunate person, in front of the person responsible (the Mother, who is the first guide and mentor in a child’s life), and blame the victim, whilst portraying the culprit as the one who has been wronged.

This shows just how little tolerance and understanding we individuals have as a race or living beings called ‘Human Race’. We have been taught to believe that it is your fault for anything you didn’t manage to do that fits in with society, And its your fault if you cant get a job, or if you feel so sad you need to get high.  its Your fault if the fact your mum was drunk with men through your childhood with you watching, that you grew up thinking your body isn’t worth anything?

They say “Don’t Blame the Dog – Blame its Owner” (trainer)

Don’t Blame the Whore.. Blame the Whore’s Parents. (trainer)

ITV seek something to get high audience count, but they are not experts in social and psychological welfare of humans, and they do not understand the damage they are doing to victims of society who despite being despicable in their deeds or selfishnesses, were born pure as a baby like all of us, and must have had the wrong mentors somewhere along the way.

Victimised Kid who Became a Junkie Prostitute without Mother Noticing
Victimised Kid who Became a Junkie Prostitute without Mother Noticing

Those false Mentors Are

1. Society and State education, and Crass Uneducated Population with Crude Primitive Cultural Values (‘dont like foreigners’ for example, or ‘ a girl who goes with lots of guys is a slut’ [but a guy can do it and he’s not a slut?] ).  and

2. The Parents. Many Parents just sit drinking and talking with their friend on the phone all day and do not pay attention to their children’s needs, nor do they notice when something starts going wrong with the chid. This is the true cause of a child becoming a drug addict or taking the wrong path in life in any of the many ways we see in Modern Society.

If you agree then tweet this to @itvjeremykyle or to @JeremyKyle and educate them in the damage they do to their chosen victims/protagonists, and to society by teaching the audience that ‘this is ok to put people down when their lives go wrong, and its ok to feel sorry for the person who actually neglected this person and caused their life to go wrong.. “

Completely the wrong way round. As we look at the terrible human rights of the past ages of man, Torquemada’s Inquisition, The Nazi Holocaust, the ISIS Jihad, the Vaticans Crimes, and the Persecution of so many Races and Nations, Human Slavery… we see injustice and dark ages.

Society Doesnt Know How To React Wisely
Society Doesnt Know How To React Wisely, and Often Persecutes Those in Need of Help, due to its Unenlightened Attidudes derived from Social Conditioning

Well, i can say, in 100 years from now, people will look back at this time in History, and see it the same way we look at the Dark Ages, full of ignorance and lack of understanding, and wrongful treatment of people, based in ignorance of the real nature and causes of things.

We are an undeveloped Race, and Jeremy Kyle and his Show, Reflect This Fact, and Stand as a Testament to the Ignorance of Man.

As a last note, perhaps we the audience (or at least those who do watch it and believe this crap), are also mostly to blame for perpetuating this kind of behaviour.. but then again we are also poor brainwashed victims of social conditioning, and the state. So what is needed really, is for a new Enlightenment, of Educated Wisdom, where we understand that all rejects of society, need listening to, not rejecting. They need help, not punishment, for they are a product of the society we make. They are our children, and it is our duty to make sure they do not wander astray. if they wander astray, it is because they did not have the right guidance. Don’t Blame the Dog.. Blame the Owner.. or better said, It’s Trainer

As the Folly of Mankind has Increased. it is Strange to Notice that the Use of the Word ‘Folly’ has decreased at an Inverse rate.

Mans Folly, or Madness. Ignorance Appears as Madness, to the Enlightened Mind
Mans Folly, or Madness. Ignorance Appears as Madness, to the Enlightened Mind

James Kyle Attacks Society’s Victims, and Hails the Culprits. The Culprits are His Cannon, and the Victims are his Cannon-Fodder.

Our Mind is Not Our Friend

Most of us think of our minds, as our self. We associate ourselves with our thoughts. When we speak about wrong view, what is meant, at least in Buddhism, is the belief in an unchanging inherent self, that travels through all the experiences in life, and perpetuates itself throughout the process.

I would like to share a short video about Buddhist meditation with you, which has been produced in three languages, namely; Thai language, English language, and German language. The name of the video is “our mind is not our friend”. I think it gives an excellent explanation and introduction into understanding how our minds are just a shadow play, a puppet theater, The stage upon which events are witnessed.


The witness is not the events. The witness is a silent observer. If the witness and his consciousness is entangled in the events, and those events are seen as the self, then suffering arises. When I say suffering, by that, I mean, stress.

Optical illusion created by the senses

When I say stress, by that, I mean, excitement, agitation, activity, absence of stillness.

If you watch the video and contemplate the Dhamma within it, you will see how we are trapped in a maze of conundrums of mental formations and perceptions, based in wrong views.  Meditation and mindfulness is the key, to develop the awakened mind which can rise above and escape this maze of endless suffering known ass  Samsaric Illusory Existence. In this realm of illusion, we are lost in dream of thinking. When we awaken, we shall leave this realm of dream thinking. For those who have not found the way, this is the way.

Our Mind, Is Not Our Friend.