Ajarn Spencer

Jack of All Trades, Web Guru, Ajarn Sak Yant, Dhamma Teacher, Author, Anthropologist, Occultist, Linguist, Ufologist, Historian, Philosopher, Online Entrepreneur, Anarchist, Human Rights Activist, Musician, Astronomer, Sci-Fi Freak, Amulet Trader, Podcaster and Blogger

Vipassana Channel

Vipassana Mindfulness Meditation

Vipassana Kammathana

My Youtube Podcasts on the practice and study of Vipassana Mindfulness Meditation, both theoretical and practical.

Vipassana Mindfulness Meditation
Vipassana Mindfulness Meditation

The Podcasts start with feeble beginnings, and hopefully will keep progressing to become more understandable and valid, as a reflection of my own practice, and a sharing of my own insights and experiences in Vipassana Kammathana Mindfulness Practices

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