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Triple Set of Medium-Large size Bottles of the All Time No 1 World Famous Muay Thai Oil, composed as a set of 3 x 120cc Bottles, to enable a lower price whilst still covering postage costs (expensive to send a single bottle) – Highly Recommended to use for sports persons of all kinds, to rub on as a topical healing cure for muscular pains, bruises, sprains and muscular spasms.  Buying this item means you will receive three 120 cc  bottles of Nam Man Muay. The three bottles weigh about 670 grams, but with parcel and packaging total around 1 Kilogram weight.

Instructions; Apply the  Nam Man Muay Thai Boxing Liniment Oil to the bruised or affected area, and gently massage the oil into the skin slowly.

Methyl Salicylate 31% V/V
Menthol 1% V/V

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Muay Thai Oil is an ancient recipe using natural ingredients used by Thai People for centuries, which is most famously known by the famous Nam Man Muay of the Devakam Apothecary, owners of the King Paetch Muay Thai Academy, and first every World Champion of Muay Thai ‘Pon King Paetch’,. It is the Nam Man Muay Devakam Brand, which is the most well known brand of all when speaking on an International Scale.

Nam Man Muay Oil helps to prevent lesions or injuries during warm-up sessions, and increases the suppleness of your muscles, for safe and efficient sporting activities, and of course especially for Muay Thai Warriors, who benefit from using the oil both before a fight to supple up the muscles, as well as after one for healing the bruises and lesions, and bringing ease to the aches and pains of the training session.

Nam Man Muay also has a mild anaesthetic effect, and can also be used to dab on mosquito or insect bites, to rapidly stop itching, and heal them, and for massage in general, and for all kinds of muscular pain relief, and apply for topical healing purposes.

Nam man Muay

Photo of  oil being used for warmup at the World Famous Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. Photographer; Jacob Klensin

Photo of Boxer being massaged at Lumpinee Stadium Bangkok, Thailand by Jacob Klensin

Using Nam Man Muay to massage for warmup at Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok. Photo of Boxer being massaged at Lumpinee Stadium Bangkok, Thailand by Jacob Klensin

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