Remembering a classic of some years ago, a very popular amulet of Luang Por Say in the year of its release, which became the talk of the folk for its business increasing powers, attracting customers and high sales quotas; the Pra Khun Phaen Marum Matum (Gammagarn ). Made from Nuea Pong Mongkol herbal powders, ‘Bad […]

Zeitgeist Inane Dragon

DocumentaryZeitgeist Movement Visual Wake-Up Call part One 2007 Release Movie,┬ádirected and produced by Peter Joseph There are currently 4 different Zeitgeist Video Documentaries available om the Website See More on the Zeitgeist Movement Website. The Zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time) is the dominant set of ideals and beliefs that […]

Dtukadtaa Paya Wan Sak Thai Yai - Ruesi Hermit Image

The Dtugadtaa Paya Wan Sak is an effigy or image made from herbal powder clay, sometimes covered with dee buk leaden coating or even solid silver foil, or sometimes a solid cast image with a hollow in the base, filled with sacred herbal powder paste. In ancient times, Sak Yant Masters would have an assortment […]