The End of PayPal in Thailand: Why Individual Merchants and Remote Workers are Making the Switch to Stripe

The End of February 2023, will mark the closure of an Epoch for PayPal users in Thailand, as the popular payment platform announced that it would no longer be available in the country for Individual Merchants, Remote Workers, and Foreign Digital NOmads to receive payments, unless they submit company registration papers. This news caused panic and frustration among many individual merchants and remote workers who have no company, as well as people who have relatives abroad and wish to send or receive money, and who all relied on PayPal for their online transactions.

However, just as merchants were feeling hopeless and without a way to receive payments online, Stripe stepped in and made its presence known in Thailand. This sudden availability of Stripe, has proven to be a lifesaver for many individual merchants and remote workers, who have since made the switch from PayPal to Stripe in droves.

Stripe paymentsVs Paypal? No contest! Stripe wins!


The sudden availability of Stripe in Thailand has had a significant impact on PayPal, causing the platform to lose its hold on the individual merchant and remote worker market. This shift away from PayPal and towards Stripe has been driven by several factors, including the highly versatile and efficient features offered by Stripe, as well as its ease of integration with a wide range of ecommerce platforms.

Furthermore, Stripe offers a simple and secure way to insert a credit or debit card payment method within a merchant’s ecommerce software, making it easy for customers to make purchases with just a few clicks. This, along with its integration of payment pages, products, and subscription services within the application, has made Stripe a one-stop-shop for all payment needs.

The seemingly imminent end of PayPal in Thailand, has caused individual merchants and remote workers to seek out alternative solutions, with Stripe emerging as the clear winner, along with Wise Payments coming in as the next preferred solution, especially for those who wish to receive payments from abroad and maintain financial privacy. The versatility, ease of use, and integration of  Stripe payment pages, products and subscription services, and secure payment methods, make it the perfect solution for any merchant looking to grow their online business.

The Impact of PayPal’s Cut-Off in Thailand: Understanding the Reasons Behind the Change

PayPal, one of the largest and most widely used online payment systems, has recently announced that it will be cutting off its services in Thailand. This move has caused significant concern among PayPal users in the country, who are now searching for alternative payment solutions. In this article, we will take a closer look at the reasons behind PayPal’s cut-off in Thailand and the impact it will have on its users.

Understanding PayPal’s Move

PayPal’s decision to cut off its services in Thailand is the result of a long-standing dispute with the Thai government over taxes and regulations. The company has been unable to come to an agreement with the Thai authorities, leading to the decision to discontinue its services in the country.

It’s worth noting that PayPal’s decision to cut off its services in Thailand is not unique. The company has taken similar action in other countries in the past, when it has been unable to resolve disputes with local authorities over taxes and regulations.

Old Man Paypal - AI.. Art made by the author in Dall-E 2


The Impact on PayPal Users in Thailand

The discontinuation of PayPal’s services in Thailand will have a significant impact on its users. For many, PayPal has been a convenient and reliable method of sending and receiving payments online. Without this option, users will need to find alternative payment solutions, which may not be as convenient or user-friendly.

Furthermore, the cut-off will also impact businesses that rely on PayPal for online transactions. These businesses will need to find alternative payment solutions for their customers, which could lead to a decline in sales and reduced customer satisfaction.

Finding Alternative Payment Solutions

For PayPal users and businesses in Thailand, finding alternative payment solutions will be a top priority. There are several options available, including credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. However, it’s important to choose a solution that is secure, reliable, and convenient.

Another option to consider is using a credit card for online payments. This is a widely accepted payment method, and many websites and online stores accept credit card payments. However, users will need to be cautious when using credit cards online, as they can be vulnerable to fraud and identity theft.

Paypal I Hate You

Another option is to use bank transfers for online payments. This is a reliable and secure method, but it can be time-consuming, especially if users need to transfer money to another country.

Finally, e-wallets are a popular and convenient alternative to PayPal. There are several e-wallet providers available, each with its own set of features and benefits. When choosing an e-wallet, users should consider factors such as security, fees, and ease of use.

The discontinuation of PayPal’s services in Thailand will have a significant impact on its users and businesses. However, by finding alternative payment solutions, users and businesses can continue to send and receive payments online. It’s important to choose a solution that is secure, reliable, and convenient, so that users and businesses can continue to operate smoothly.

The Rise of Stripe Payments in Thailand: A New Era of Ecommerce

As Thailand continues to embrace the digital economy, more and more merchants, digital nomads, and remote workers are looking for easy and reliable international payment solutions. In recent years, Paypal has been a popular choice for many, but with its recent cut off in Thailand, many individuals have turned to Stripe Payments as the new go-to solution.

Stripe payments has Apple Pay and Google Wallet too

Stripe Payments is a highly versatile and efficient international payment gateway that has now become available in Thailand. It has quickly become a popular choice for many individuals due to its ease of integration with a wide range of ecommerce platforms, such as Ecwid, Shopify, WooCommerce, WIX, WordPress, and many others. Furthermore, Stripe can even be used as a standalone plugin in WordPress, without the need for any other ecommerce solution.

What sets Stripe apart from its competitors, is its integration of payment pages within the application, making it a one-stop-shop for all payment needs. This feature has made it extremely easy for merchants to create and manage products and subscription services directly within Stripe, without having to navigate through multiple platforms.

Additionally, Stripe Payments offers a simple and secure way to insert a credit or debit card payment method within the merchant’s ecommerce software. This feature makes it easy for customers to make purchases with just a few clicks, and ensures that their personal and financial information is kept safe and secure.

It seems, as Thailand continues to evolve in the digital age, Stripe Payments is currently the only/best easy and reliable international payment solution for non taxt paying individuals, and businesses alike. Its versatility and ease of use, have made it the go-to choice for many, and its integration of payment pages, products and subscription services, and secure payment methods, make it the perfect solution for any merchant looking to grow their online business.

A Personal Endorsement of Stripe: A Successful Author Shares Their Experience

As a successful author of seven self-published e-publications, I have been selling my digital downloads continuously since 2010, right up to this very day. Over the years, I have tried several payment solutions, including ‘Old Man Paypal’, but since Paypal SG became Paypal TH, I have found that no other payment method compares to the ease of integration, compatibility, versatility, and security offered by Stripe.

Since making the switch to Stripe, I have been able to integrate my payment process seamlessly with my e-commerce platform, resulting in a smoother and more efficient transaction process, for both myself and my customers. Furthermore, Stripe’s ability to insert a credit or debit card payment method directly into my e-commerce software has allowed for quick and easy purchases, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

I am confident in recommending Stripe as the perfect payment solution for any individual merchant, or remote worker, who is looking to grow their online business. Its versatility, ease of use, and security features make it a clear choice for anyone looking for a payment solution that is both reliable and effective. In addition, I love the fact that it also integrates with Apple Pay and Gpay (Google Wallet), for Mobile Users to shop and pay easily.

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Diversifying one’s portfolio of assets is a common investment strategy.

Throughout history, investors have been taking on more and more risk in order to generate higher returns. One of the most popular forms of investing during a financial crisis is to diversify your portfolio by buying a mix of stocks, bonds, and other investments.

The 2020-2021 financial crisis caused by the Covid-19 Epidemic, has led many people to diversify their portfolios to include less conventional investments such as collectibles, art, crypto currencies, rare metals and even bullion.

Asset Diversification Plan

Investors are turning to assets that are not correlated with the stock market. They are diversifying their assets due to the uncertainty in the market. Now people don’t just invest in stocks, they invest in all kinds of assets like rare metals, crypto currencies, art and collectibles. The following is a table of few examples of non-correlated assets: In the coming years, we might see more people investing in these assets during the current financial crisis.

Diversification of Assets

A Guide to Non-Correlated Assets, and How They Can Make Your Portfolio Less Volatile

 What is a non-correlated asset and how does it work?

A non-correlated asset, is a type of investment, that does not move in tandem with a person’s other investments. It can be a hedge against fluctuations in the market. The best way to diversify your investment portfolio is to invest in both correlated and non-correlated assets. Non-correlated assets are those that do not move in tandem with other investments and can therefore provide stability during difficult market conditions.

Stocks and Market Speculation

Benefits Of Investing In Non-Correlating Assets

Investing in non-correlating assets can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. It reduces volatility, and it lessens the risk of your portfolio dropping drastically because of one particular asset.

Some investors might be hesitant to invest in non-correlated assets, but they are actually pretty safe. After all, the most popular investments are stocks and bonds. And those two types of investments correlate with each other quite a bit. They both experience changes in value when the economy is doing well or poorly.

Bitcoin - Crypto Currency

The main benefit of investing in non-correlating assets is that they reduce volatility for your portfolio. This means that you don’t have to worry as much about losing money on an investment if you also have some correlated investments with it. 

Investors who want to minimize their risk and volatility. will ideally invest in non-correlating assets.

  • Non-correlating assets are defined as items which do not move in a similar fashion, with the same degree of frequency, or with the same magnitude as other items being considered for investment.
  • Investors can reduce their risk by investing in non-correlating assets.
  • The main benefit of investing in non-correlating assets is that it is less risky than investing in more traditional portfolios. There is less volatility as well as lower risk for those who invest in these types of investments.
  • Non-correlating investment options have a wider variety of potential returns and can be a good solution for investors who want to minimize their risk and volatility.
  • Many investors believe that diversifying their investments is the best way to reduce investment risk. They invest in assets that are not correlated to each other, so they don’t face losses due to fluctuations in any one market.

Finding the best correlation for your portfolio can be a challenge. It is important to have a diverse portfolio, because this will lower the volatility and risk of your investments. You should invest in assets that are not correlated with each other to get the most out of your investments.

Property Investment – Buy While Cheap and Wait or Not?

Property Investment - Buy While Cheap and Wait or Not

Investing in non correlated assets can be difficult and it is important to find an asset that has low risk and volatility. These types of investments will allow for diversification which will give you more of an opportunity for success. You should compare the risks associated with different types of investments so you know what is right for your portfolio type.

Why Should You Invest In A Non-Correlating Asset?

In my humble opinion; If your finances can allow diversification, then yes. Especially in this particularly unstable time of Global Economic Crisis due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the un-surety of how the future will pan out with which direction the economy will take, a physical asset based standard economy as before? or a digital economy? The end of ownership, and a move to digital currency instead of a cash based society means that the coins and banknotes still remaining, will become as collectible as a penny black postage stamp.

Gold Standard Era Monetary Exchange System

Most physical assets in the future, such as homes and vehicles, are to be replaced by subscriptions. For example, as the property prices fall with people needing to sell their homes due to joblessness and bankruptcy during the Pandemic, Governments are creating shadow companies to buy up all the homes, and possess them, and even are offering in some countries such as USA, 150% the market value price. This wil end with most people selling their homes to the state, who will eventually hence, own all homes, and we shall have to subscribe (Rent). This leaves no true security of bering abler to perform home improvements and the like, which would be transformed and sold as upgrades. Later tenants to the then upgraded apartment or house your subscribe to, will then be rented at at a higher subscription rate to later ‘subscribers’ (tenants). Failure to pay subscription will be accompanied b y a ‘terms of service’ type rent contract, that will permit immediate eviction, much faster than present legislation in the Pre-Cashless Society can implement. The landlord benefits, the Tenant loses many freedoms. Personally i would not wish to be an ‘evil landlord’ in the eyes of anyone, even if it was because of diversification of my assets, and self protection of wealth, because my ethics have hated ‘Land Lords’ (Lords of Land nobody ever gave to them to be Lords of in the first place), and in truth, i do not truly believe in ownership. Not believing in ownership, also means i do not recognize, that any other person or company can be an owner of something, and cannot therefore offer me a subscription to something they did not own (given by mother nature to them especially). However, I do risk manage what Humans assume to be personal assets, whilst this particular system of Rule Governance, Justice, Trade and Exchange still remains functional. After which, i would be happy to live planting vegetables and living in a tree-hut like Tarzan, and forget we ever had concepts such as money, selling berries that grow on trees for free for all creatures, and just be happy watching the sunset on the beach and drinking some coconut juice from a fresh coconut.


Unless of course, you have already your own property and refuse to sell (advisable). This is a long term investment that could make any of the few personally owned pieces of property of extremely high value for eventual resale. All of these factors must be contemplated, in order to make sure that one’s assets do not become transformed from a hoard of treasure, into a pile of scrap metal.

What i Never Do; Never Play the Stock Market or Forex Unless You Are the Broker, because Only the broker Always Profits.

Stocks and Market Speculation

So what do i Invest In?

As i said, i use the currency exchange within my Paypal Account to increase the money by merely exchanging money from one currency back and forth, as they fluctuate.

I also collect old Sovereigns, and Krugerrands. Gold Eagle Coins and Silver Dollars, Ancient Asian Silver Money, and collectors Minted Coins (circulated and uncirculated) – Preferably limited editions. Historical Gold Coins from various cultures and countries, and mints, but mostly sovereigns, which are a highly accepted and preferred way of investment. Some sovereigns are very rare and expensive. I recommend study of the subject and to be knowledgeable in the topic to collect wisely and profitably.

Minted Kookaburra Solid Silver Collector Coin

Rare Earths, Gold and Silver Bullion, Palladium, Circulated, and Uncirculated Collector Coins from different Mints, such as the Royal Mint. from whom i also buy Gold and Silver Bullion. Bullion Bars are good for their inherent value and slow but steady increase in value over time, but coins, have the advantage of being able to let’s say, enter the USA at JFK airport, and not be suspected of being a criminal or tax evasion, much more easily than if you you had three 1KG Gold Bullion bars. Even the most educated customs officer will not haver a tendency to realise, that honest people also buy gold bullion, and most would assume you were a criminal of some kind. So, i like gold and silver collector coins, especially limited editions, Both as a hobby, and speculative investment for eventual resale.

Gold Bullion and Minted Coins

Valuable jewellery; One way to travel with more than most countries allow entry with Cash or valuables, is to wear valuable jewelry, which, is also an investment like artwork, that is worth as much as the person who really wants it will pay, and can be a source of high profits, if bought from the source, resold to the right person in the right place, where such items are much more expensive (e.g. buy Emeralds in Colombia, and sell them in the United States).

Bitcoin (Digital Currencies). Bitcoin will soon reach its maximum number it will ever make, and the price has tripled between 2020 and 2021. After the last bitcoin has been made (virtually/digitally/imaginarily), only subdivisions will be possible, whose value will keep increasing. However, i believe that when subdivisions get into the 0.0000000-000000000456 of a bitcoin per 1000$ (exaggerated example), that the currency will become unpopular or unusable because of the difficulty in managing the long numbers in our heads. And so, i only intend to buy bitcoin until i see the last one made, and its take whaterver price increase profits i have made, and pool them in something else.

Gems; Rubies and Emeralds (i am well studied enough to invest, as i am able to select the best and most valuable gems, from my decades of perusal of amulets, I already developed the fine eye, to look under the microscope at gemstones, and evaluate them). Rubies and Emeralds from the world’s preferred mines are something I like to collect, study, and improve my abilities of evaluation, for this is a very delicate study that, if mastered, can allow you to find stones that are worth extreme sums of money, and if lucky, get them at a very good price, if travel to buy straight from the source.

Stocks – I do not trade in stocks, for i believe a bird in the hand is worth more than 2 in the bush, and so most of my assets are physical, with digital assets and online money for basic shopping and everyday payment needs, but i believe, that real treasure and wealth, is tangible, touchable, and enjoyable. I prefer to take out one of my rubies or coins, or Thai ancient amulets from my collections, and examine them, enjoying the study of all facets and features, than to watch a graph on a pc screen showing me how my stocks are rising and falling.

Minted Coins for me, are becoming both a grand hobby, topic of intensive study, collection, and also speculative investment for resale to collectors (and keep collecting more myself, and improve my collection, which is wealth in itself, for rare coins, especially bullion sovereigns, are very easy to trade, and fetch a good price.

Below are  Just Some of the Coins i have Collected, for you to see.

I shall be blogging about, teaching, and even reselling some of the coins i have on this blog in my shop section soon, as well as my journey into expertise in gemology with rubies and emeralds.


In truth, apart from planning to make sure one is not broke or poor in one’s retirement, the best assets to have, are these;  Enough to Live On, Loving Family, Joy of Life, Peace and Wisdom,  Good Friends, Food and Drinks in your Home, with enough to afford to pay your bills, own your own home, and to have enough to live on and have a good lifestyle. After all, that is the only reason we need ‘money’ (instead of true assets that are useful and give pleasure to life), in the first place!

We need money to live, but we do not need to live for money!


Predicting the Fall of the Feat Monetary System and Collapse, or Transformation of the Current System of Rule and Governance, from a Feat Based Exchange System, to a Digital Currency, as the Rise of A.I. and Robotics makes Humans slowly redundant in old Professions and Leads them to other ways of Surviving, separate and apart from the Feat Monetary System of Taxable Income.
Free living off the grid tax free as a sovereign individual and digital nomad

Free living off the grid tax free as a sovereign individual and digital nomad

Predicting the Birth of Sovereign Individuality, and digital wealth for all Humans, with Currency being a mere imaginative legal fiction (which is indeed what the FEAT system also is).  The next Evolutionary step in the way Humans interact and exchange knowledge and resources with each other, seen through the lenses of Sociology, Economics, Politics, I.T., Emerging Technologies, and Socio-Political Anthropology.
What is a Sovereign Individual and how does this differ from Sovereign Citizenship?

In order to make clear the likelihood of this prediction, I have assembled a series of snippets and quotes from various papers and manuscripts written by Professors Emeterius, and Doctorate Holders in Economics, and from Government Papers, on the topic of Underground Economies, and mixed them with content that reveals the rise of the Sovereign Individual through the changes that have been occurring in the age of digital currencies and digital nomadism.

Intel to fight the Underground Economy

source; world bank


The presence of a large underground economy undermines government revenue collection, while increasing the cost of providing public services. For these reasons, it is crucial to know who is engaged in the underground economy, with what frequency, and more importantly, the magnitude of their activities in order to assess the implications for national account statistics and fiscal revenues.


Deficiencies in corporate data services and government intel agencies, is that the estimation techniques and difficulties associated with data collection lead to misreporting and underreporting of national accounts statistics. Also, economic agents deliberately conceal information from the authorities either because they are involved in illegal activity, or if the activity is legal, there is a conscious effort to avoid paying taxes.

Underground Economy by Christian Nordqvist

These activities are usually conducted in the underground economy. Obtaining accurate statistics about economic activities and the allocation of economic resources in the underground economy is important for the formulation and implementation of effective economic and social policies.

Approaches to measuring the size of the underground economy, have been an important concern of Government policy makers since the late 1970s, for many reasons;  They believe in their old fashioned manner, that the presence of a large and growing underground economy understates the size of the economy, signals the existence of market distortions and excessive regulations, and raises serious governance issues.


In truth. there are now hundreds of millions of freelancing travelers who live as Digital Nomads, unregistered and untaxable in any country, which depletes the old system of rule and governance, and endangers the financial grip they have on poor nations and the common people. The world is about to become free through independence from the FEAT controlled monetary system of trade and exchange, and entry into a free world where we can keep our earnings, without some armed gang calling itself a government being able to tax us for this or that, despite the fact we were not born there, nor do we live there all the time, nor did we sign at birth to say we recognize their laws and regulations.

Government & Formal Sector’s Biased Definition of the underground economy,  based in the need to maintain power to tax the people and wage wars, both economic and actual.


The underground economy involves economic transactions not measured by government statistics and ignoring government regulations and laws. It includes according to the State and the official Bankers;

  • Illegal criminal activity
  • Non-market activity – e.g. growing your own vegetables
  • Legal activity which is hidden from authorities (e.g. to avoid paying tax)\


But what is not mentioned by Governments and States, is that now in 2020 onwards, probably almost 80% of the underground economy, is wealth made through ethical and legal types of activities, such as freelance writing, online freelance work of many kinds, Ecommerce, eBook authoring, affiliate marketing, YouTube channels, game streamers, musicians on soundcloud, selling music beats, and so on. All non criminal non evil activities made by free hearted free living individuals who do not wish to be enslaved by a warmongering government ruled by big businessmen and Nazis like Donald Trump.


Trumpler - Donald Trump is a Nazi


The underground economy may also be referred to as the ‘black market’, ‘shadow economy’, ‘parallel economy’. “Over time, the underground economy has changed as lawmakers redefine what is legal or what is to be taxed. How far “underground” an activity is depends not only on its legal status but also on the capacity of government to enforce laws and/or collect taxes.”


Economist Friedrich Schneider, who works at the Johannes Keplet University of Linz in Austria, carried out a study on the US underground economy. He estimated that it represented 7.2% of GDP in 2007. He did not include prostitution, weapons trading, or illegal drug dealing in his estimate. (Market Business News)


Sources and Study Material

United Nations Useless as the Court in Alice in Wonderland

When one becomes aware of what lies behind the United Nations Lack of Action, and their many alleged Money Skimming Scams, one has to ask when it will finally be dissolved, ridding this world of one of the most costly and inefficient organisations on the planet. The United Nations is a Hot Topic when it comes to the Discussion about whether they are efficient in their stated missions or not, and are being regarded as more International trade Orientated, than they are Interested in Helping the World Become a Better Place, Helping Children, and other Human Rights Related Issues. The one thing that has never come to the surface till now, which is becoming ever more talked about, and slowly going viral, is the money skimming scams committed by both Individuals within the UN, and the United Nations itself.

United Nations 10 Million Scandal

United Nations 10 Million Scandal

I Myself, have had two applications with the U.N. for Human Rights Issues, during the Process of which, i found out, that their supposed Human Rights Departments are Bogus Ghost Offices, especially the Hague Central Authorities of Each Nation, and that they are involved in a Money Skimming Scame in Cahoots with the Mediation Agency – I Predict that the U.N. will be most probably dissolved within two decades or less, as the General Consensus is tending to view the U.N. as a Powerless Waste of Time and Money, designed more for Trade, than for Sanctioning Rogue Nations and Getting the Job Done.

There has arisen much dissidence as to the viability or usefulness of the existence of the UN over the last few years, and various attempts at clearing the air have been attempted by the UN to Justify their Existence and the Funding they receive from member Sovereign Nation States.

5 Assholes in the United Nations Security Council needed to get a 'Yes'

5 Assholes in the United Nations Security Council needed to get a ‘Yes’

Even students like Rwanda Paktar have made astute comments to the question “Is United Nations a useless organisation?” and cited events which show that the existence and cost of the United Nations is of no use to anybody whatsoever, and here i quote his comments from Quora

“The UN is totally a useless organization. It was formed in the aftermath of WW2 , in order to maintain peace within all the nations. However, it has today become a spineless organization, with no say whatsoever.

The UN has become one of the most inefficient organizations. Even after 73 years after its existence, the UN has failed to end the world’s gravest concerns. Let us look at some of the issues UN has overlooked.
Rwanda Genocide :
In 1994, the UN; and I quote “ just stood and watched” the slaughter of 800,000 ethnic Tutsis, caused by the Hutu government.
Iraq invasion:
Even though the UN declared it illegal , US simply attacked Iraq and remained there for seven long years , calling it as a war for democracy. What is the use of the UN when anyone can declare war on each other ?
Israel/Palestine issue:
In 1948,the UN pledged to split the land west of the dead sea into two states, namely Israel and Palestine. This is what they came up with.
The green areas would become Palestine, and the white ones Israel.
What a ridiculous plan ! Do you think such nations could coexist, when parts of them are split across hostile territory ?

Israel Palestine Scandal United nations Boobed Up

Israel Palestine Scandal United nations Boobed Up

Kashmir issue :
In 1947, India/Pakistan war took place over the princely state of Kashmir. The UN drew a Line of Control across the map. However, they did not complete the job. A small patch, also called as the Siachen Glacier, lies unclaimed up to this day.

Kashmir Incident United nations Lack of Action

Kashmir Incident United nations Lack of Action

The efficiency of the UN is worse then even the worst courts in the world. 73 years on, many issues are unresolved.

United Nations is more ridiculous than the courts, which are inthemselves, as Ridiculous as the Courtroom of the Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

United Nations is more ridiculous than the courts, which is in itself, as Ridiculous as the Courtroom of the Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Perhaps the main reason why the UN is so inefficient is because the way it works. For a decision to be passed in the Security Council, one needs the “Yes” of all five permanent members- United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China and France.

These 5 members have veto power, thus they can forbid any decision from being passed. A single amendment requires months, if not years to be passed, in order to appease all the five Veto Nations.

UNSC PG5 Nuclear Weapon Wielding Asshole Bullly Nations

UNSC PG5 Nuclear Weapon Wielding Asshole Bullly Nations

What’s worse, the five nations take diametrically opposite stances on such grave issues.
The UN also recommends countries to take a particular stance even though the countries don’t wish to. For example, the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) forces countries to accept refugees. It is very easy to give such advices, especially when you are not the one paying for it.

The permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (also known as the Permanent Five, Big Five, or P5) are the five states which the UN Charter of 1945 grants a permanent seat on the UN Security Council: China (formerly the Republic of China), France, Russia (formerly the Soviet Union), the United Kingdom, and the United States.

P5 United Nations Money Skimmer Donald Trump

P5 United Nations Money Skimmer Donald Trump

These countries were all allies in World War II, which turned out victorious. They are also all nuclear weapons states. A total of 15 UN member states serve on the UNSC, the remainder of which are elected. Any one of the five permanent members have the power of veto, which enables them to prevent the adoption of any “substantive” draft Council resolution, regardless of its level of international support

The UN at least claims to have had some efficiency until the 90’s. That was because both the superpowers, the US and the USSR , held a delicate balance in the General Assembly. After the fragmentation of the USSR, there is only one superpower, which has further reduced the UN efficiency. The UN is now heavily biased when it comes to countries having sour relations with the US.

United States Vs World UN General Assembly Monkeys

United States Vs World UN General Assembly Monkey Business.

So the UN is essentially useless. It is biased and inefficient. It doesn’t serve the very purpose it was meant for.

To quote foreign affairs website;

Any assessment of the United Nations’ performance must begin by acknowledging that it is not a monolithic institution but a composite of various parts, which are often conflated by its detractors. When critics invoke the United Nations, do they mean the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), dominated by the great powers and charged with enforcing global peace and security? “

“Are they referring to the UN General Assembly (UNGA), the world’s noisy but largely toothless town hall, or to other large-membership bodies such as the Human Rights Council? Do they mean the dozens of UN specialized agencies, programs, and funds, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency and the UN High Commission for Refugees? Or are they critiquing the UN Secretariat itself, within which Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon oversees myriad departments devoted to development, disarmament, peacekeeping, and the like? ”

Real News wish it was fake

Real News wish it was fake

The Truth is, in My Opinion, the UN is merely a Fake Money Skimming Operation for Corporate Businessmen who buy their way into Politics with Bribery, Bloodlines, Money and Philanthropy. in order to increase their own personal gains and interest, and have power over the world.

United Nations Money Skimming Scams

United Nations Money Skimming Scams

Faces in the Crowd - Life Out of Rhythm

Welcome to Part One of the Destroyer Podcast Series – This is one of my Freestyle Explanations of how on earth we came to find ourselves living as we do, in Human Society as it is, and why we assume that the Monetary System, Education System, Rule and Governance, and Economics are the only way forward for Humanity to Evolve as a Civilisation. it begins with revealing how Governments are Merely the Surviving Systems once formed by Armed Gangs of Barbarians, and how badly they behave and criminal they can be to each other.

Evolutionary Sciences are growing and changing all the time, as new discoveries and technologies permit us to understand the evolutionary process which underlies all creation (the Material and Immaterial Universe)

Genetic Evolution, Social Evolution, Political Evolution, Cultural Evolution, Scientific Evolution…. as to natural Selection and the Human Species, we have not stopped Evolving, nor has our Society stopped evolving.

Humanity has been in Serfdom since well before Feudal Times, in fact since around the time of the law of Hammurabi or before, we have been bullied and ruled and controlled, taxed (robbed) and punished, even executed (often for things which are neither unethical nor sinful, such as having a different belief)

Since international flights became cheaper, we have much more inter-racial marriages and children resulting from this, we eat foods from all around the world. The food we ate in our respective environments in olden days changed how our skin bones and body resistances evolved. Now we are eating everything from Pizza to raw Sushi, and we still do not know how this will affect our genetic evolution.

evolution of human physicality diet is uncertain, but if we study how diet has caused various races on various continents to evolve, we may be able to predict to some extent how we may evolve through international diet

The Evolution of Diet – National Geographic Article

Evolution currently has 5 facets to the ‘science’, namely Natural Selection, Mutation, Genetic Drift, Punctual Equilibria, and Lateral gene Transfer. However, this is in reference to the process of Evolution within the Physical Living Body

Evolution is a process similar to Machine Learning in Computing Artificial Intelligence Algorhithms, the Program learns from Experiencem, and Builds new Versions based on those Experiences.

Humans no longer understand how Machine Learning works nor how an A.I. Algorithm makes its decisions, just as we do not understand how Nature (Evolution), makes its decisions to Evolve into the next Phase.

The use of GPS  devices causes us to focus more on certain parts of the brain and to neglect other parts, which we had to use before for orientation. The use of technology is also influencing which parts of our brain we use, and which we cease to use, and Evolution will adapt to that situation. Our Orientation abilities are hence changing without us knowing what the results will be in the far future.

And so on, there are so many influential factors as to how we ended up in this mess, but Evolution is the force which drives everything, be it the Human greed and Desire for Power that causes Rogue Nations to arise, Empires to be Built, or the Monetary System and Education-Employment system which enslaves and robs us of our children, and makes the population of the world into employees instead of the inheritors of their family’s business/trade.

Evolution is a self learning automated algorithm designed to improve upon itself, just like Google Deep Mind learns from itself.

The series ‘The Destroyer’ will continue soon with a second episode.. the talks fly all over the place, because the world is a complex thing to explain.. but if you can intuit what underlies what i am saying, you may see behind the veils of this Matrix of Control that is both Orwellian and Dystopian, and which needs a great effort on a mass scale to disentangle oneself from.

This is not about Spiritual Enlightenment, it is about Worldly Enlightenment

The next Podcast i record in this series will deal with how Economics, Law, Rule and Government control how Human Civilisation Evolves, and how Economics is the main focal hub of the whole system. A system which is Ruled by Rich Families of Economists, who Own Multinational Corporations, which are much richer and more powerful and influential, than any single Government, or even Governments in Unison.

Peasants and Vassals

Peasants and Vassals

Governments hardly ever work in true Unison Anyway, due to the current ‘Us and Them’ stage of Human Consciousness, which causes us to still require the preservatiobn of individual nations and Cultures, who see each other as strangers, and potential enemies. Each Nation Looks After its Own Interests, and uses its resources to Bully or Extort Trade Deals and benefits from other Nations.

One should listen to the tales of an ex Economic Hitman, to understand properly the things i speak of, and will continue to speak of

Let the ‘Us and Them’ Consciousness’ Mindset end in this Era, and let the World Federation of Ethically Minded Humans begin. Imagine no countries, differences, religions, arguments, wars….

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today
Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

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