Buddha Magic

Animism and Thai Occult

What is Animism?

Animism is a belief system that posits the existence of spirits or supernatural forces residing in natural elements, animals, and objects. In Southeast Asia, animism has deep historical roots and...

Sarasvati Goddess

The Goddess Sarasvati: A Comprehensive Guide

The Goddess Sarasvati: A Comprehensive Introduction the Goddess, Attributed Meanings, and how to Worship Presenting You with a comprehensive guide on the Goddess Sarasvati, the Hindu deity of knowledge, arts,...

Dtukadtaa Paya Wan Sak Thai Yai - Ruesi Hermit Image

Sak Yant Herbal Effigies for Sacred Ink

The Dtugadtaa Paya Wan Sak is an effigy or image made from herbal powder clay, sometimes covered with dee buk leaden coating or even solid silver foil, or sometimes a...