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Mult-Disciplinarian,  Polyglot, Magical  Amulet Collector, Maker and Trader, Etymologist, Biker, Ex Buddhist Monk & Lersi Hermit, Historian, Antique Collector, Self-Published Author, Anthropologist, Linguist, Philosopher, Occultist, Anarchist and Sovereign Individual. Professional Webmaster. SEO Consultant, Practitioner of Vipassana Kammathana Mindfulness Practices. Astronomy freak, Musician, Avid Futurist and Disillusioned Altruist, Amulet trader and Online Entrepreneur.

Chosen Topics You will find me writing about on this blog;

Astronomy and Physics,, UFOS Real and Fake, Behavioural Conditioning (from Social, Political, Religious, Academic, and Natural Biological Causes), Anarchy and Sovereign Individualism, Buddhism, Amulets and Talismans, Futurism, The Occult, Enlightenment, Myths and Legends, Meditation and Vipassana, Technology, Webmastering and Internet, and many other off topic subjects

Life Advice (Is anyone truly Qualified for This?)

Life advisors seem to be popping up on youtube ads and seminars and Ted Talks and websites all over the world, and ‘talkers’ as in Ted Talks, and Seminar Holders, has become a profession, that has caused ‘Life-Advisor-Talker-Itis’ meaning, the people who get into this practice as a profession forget the true goal (wise advice). and get lost in selling their own bullshit. I wish to give life advice based on my own mistakes and experiences, and hope others can learn better from my mistakes in life, than i did.

Latest Articles

SpaceX Falcon 9 Failure: NASA’s Review – Implications for Future Launches

SpaceX Falcon 9 Failure: NASA’s Review and Implications for Future Launches SpaceX’s ambitious plans for 2024 have hit a significant hurdle. In this post, we delve into the recent Falcon...

Look Within

Nirodha and Thai Pra Pid Ta Amulets in Buddhism

Extinguishing of Sensual Craving through Perception leading to the Temporary Cessation of Suffering Nirodha, a Pali term translating to “cessation” or “extinction,” represents the pinnacle of Buddhist spiritual pursuit. It...

Who will be the Judge Lord Justice?

The Rise of the Word Crafting as a Word for All Things Created

The Tyrannical Rise of “Crafting” and the Impoverishment of Human Expression Otherwise known as; ‘The Crafty Craft of Crafting Crafts‘. In the constantly evolving and changing use of language, we...

Animism and Thai Occult

What is Animism?

Animism is a belief system that posits the existence of spirits or supernatural forces residing in natural elements, animals, and objects. In Southeast Asia, animism has deep historical roots and...

Bottleneck Boom – AIs Computational Limits Reveal the Sustainability Charade

The Bottlenecked Boom: AI’s Computational Limits and the Sustainability Charade Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a ubiquitous term, synonymous with revolutionary advancements in various fields. From facial recognition software to...

Underpaid Service Industry Slave

Pros and Cons of the Digital Age – from Crypto Moguls to Lost Self-Employed Trades

As we reflect on the evolution of human society, it becomes clear that a profound shift has taken place. Gone are the days of traditional family trades and self-employed independence,...

A Buddhist Monk Forgets his Precepts

The Ethical Shift – How Manipulation Became Common Practice in the Millennial Era

“If you look at your face in the mirror every day, you don’t see yourself getting older “ What is presented as ethical changes with regeneration, then ethics have no...

Buddha Consciousness Medium

Is Consciousness the Main Requisite for Enlightenment?

Many people believe consciousness to be the main element of enlightenment, or requisite. This is in Buddha-Dhamma, a ridiculous idea, as the process of cessation in dependent origination includes the...

Lucifer -Herald of Dawn

Is Lucifer the Devil?

Misconceptions and Complexities Surrounding the Identity of Lucifer The name “Lucifer” has a complex and multifaceted history. In Latin, “Lucifer” literally means “light-bringer” or “morning star.” In ancient Roman mythology,...

Meta can Read Your Mind (Or so they Say)

Mind-Reading Technology: the Potential Dangers of Facebook Meta’s Latest Advancements: In recent developments, Facebook Meta has introduced groundbreaking technology that claims to read users’ thoughts through noninvasive sensors embedded in...

Phra Kring Thai-Chinese Mahayana Style Medicine BuddhaAmulet

Phra Kring Thai Amulet – An Academic Exploration

A Deeper Look into the Origins and Beliefs surrounding The Phra Kring Thai Medicine Buddha Amulet The Phra Kring Thai Medicine Buddha amulet, a relic deeply embedded in the spiritual...

The development and training of artificial intelligence (AI) systems bring forth a fascinating conundrum – inherited personality traits. As AI learns from vast datasets curated by humans, it becomes a mirror of our beliefs, biases, and ideologies. This inheritance is not limited to factual knowledge but extends to nuanced personality characteristics. Explore the intricate interplay between human intervention and AI's inherited traits, uncovering how our influence shapes AI's responses, behaviors, and perceived intentions. Dive into the world of AI's unintended personas and the ethical considerations surrounding this symbiotic relationship between humans and machines.

Can AI Have Intentions?

The Perceived Intentionality of AI: A Reflection of Human Influence The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about transformative changes in the way we interact with technology and information....

2FA - Cross device Authentication Vulnerabilities

2FA the dark side of two factor authentication

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication): Privacy Concerns and Unethical Practices Two-factor authentication (2FA) has gained widespread recognition as a vital tool in enhancing online security. While its primary goal is to protect...

Maico Mega

The Rise and Fall of Maico

The Ascent and Subsequent Fall from Grace of Maico: Egotism, Greed, and the Most Iconic Motorcycle Brand. Throughout Human History, the twin demons of egotism and greed have been constant...

The 40 Vipassanā Kammathāna Practices

Vipassana Kammathāna is a profound approach to cultivating insight and mindfulness. Rooted in the Thai Forest Tradition Buddhism, Vipassana Kammathāna provides seekers with a transformative path that not only brings...

Apple iPhone exploding into meaninglessness

The impossibility of LLMs to choose numbers as words or cipher

The impossibility of solving the problem of numbers, and the two ways of writing them Confusing dictated text for applications like Siri and other voice assistants arises from the inherent...

The Shifting Sands of Truth

The Shifting Sands of Truth – a Sci-Fi Short Story; In a not-so-distant future, the world is plunged into a dystopian reality where the concept of truth has become an...

Perceiving Reality as Illusion

Free Will – does it exist?

The Nexus of Freewill and Instinct in Human Behavior: A Comprehensive Analysis for Human Sciences Scholars Abstract: This academic essay delves into the intricate interplay between freewill and instinct in...