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Mult-Disciplinarian,  Polyglot, Magical  Amulet Collector, Maker and Trader, Etymologist, Biker, Ex Buddhist Monk & Lersi Hermit, Historian, Antique Collector, Self-Published Author, Anthropologist, Linguist, Philosopher, Occultist, Anarchist and Sovereign Individual. Professional Webmaster. SEO Consultant, Practitioner of Vipassana Kammathana Mindfulness Practices. Astronomy freak, Musician, Avid Futurist and Disillusioned Altruist, Amulet trader and Online Entrepreneur.

Chosen Topics You will find me writing about on this blog;

Astronomy and Physics,, UFOS Real and Fake, Behavioural Conditioning (from Social, Political, Religious, Academic, and Natural Biological Causes), Anarchy and Sovereign Individualism, Buddhism, Amulets and Talismans, Futurism, The Occult, Enlightenment, Myths and Legends, Meditation and Vipassana, Technology, Webmastering and Internet, and many other off topic subjects

Life Advice (Is anyone truly Qualified for This?)

Life advisors seem to be popping up on youtube ads and seminars and Ted Talks and websites all over the world, and ‘talkers’ as in Ted Talks, and Seminar Holders, has become a profession, that has caused ‘Life-Advisor-Talker-Itis’ meaning, the people who get into this practice as a profession forget the true goal (wise advice). and get lost in selling their own bullshit. I wish to give life advice based on my own mistakes and experiences, and hope others can learn better from my mistakes in life, than i did.

Latest Articles

Angry PayPal Users in Thailand Switching to Stripe Payments

The End of PayPal in Thailand: Why Individual Merchants and Remote Workers are Making the Switch to Stripe The End of February 2023, will mark the closure of an Epoch...

A.I. Simulates a Conversation with Sigmund Freud and Adolf Grünbaum

“Analyze Your Mind: A.I. Simulates a Conversation with Sigmund Freud and Adolf Grünbaum!” I created a simulation of two conversations between two great psychiatric and philosophical geniuses, using A.I. The...

Life Advice

As I say, in my description to this playlist, titled “life advice”; “I do not believe anybody is capable of giving good life advice to others. But seeing as everybody’s...

Charlie Chaplain the Greatest Comedian of All Time

We Think Too Much and Feel Too Little (Charlie Chaplin)

We think too much and feel too little; Charlie Chaplin’s Famous Speech on Human Rights in ‘The Dictator’ The Immortally Famous Silent Movie Comedian, Charlie Chaplin, was known for his...

Atlantean Map

Pre Cataclysmic Civilizations

“Uncovering the Secrets of Pre Cataclysmic Civilizations – A Journey Through Time.” Pre Cataclysmic Civilizations are those civilizations that existed before a major natural, social or cultural event destroyed or...

Demonstrate against Singaporean State Violence and Hangings

Human Rights in Singapore

Human Rights Abuse in Singapore Introduction Human Rights in Singapore have not come a very long way over the years. Singapore claims that it is a highly developed and prosperous...

Diversifying Assets Decreases Risk in Unpredictable Times

Diversifying one’s portfolio of assets is a common investment strategy. Throughout history, investors have been taking on more and more risk in order to generate higher returns. One of the...

The Secret of the 33rd Degree Mason

The Secret of the 33rd Degree Mason, & the Resonance of Mind that is Awakened; Perhaps this talk does not reveal the true secret given to a Free and Accepted...

Reset USA or the World

The Greatest Deception in Human History

Please watch the first of my YouTube deleted/banned videos of onde of my forbidden talks on A slightly Provocative talk, which will make many people agree ,and many people...

Fallof Civilisation (transformation from one form of existence to the next)

All things fall including Civilizations – Evolution is not Entropy

All things grow back again in a new form. things are always changing, and even dictatorships, systems of rule and governance, and civilizations, cannot change that fact. all things come...

The Fall of Global Economy & the Rise of Virtual Wealth & Sovereign Individuality

Predicting the Fall of the Feat Monetary System and Collapse, or Transformation of the Current System of Rule and Governance, from a Feat Based Exchange System, to a Digital Currency,...

Myths Survive Cataclysms But Civilizations Do Not

Myths Persist Throughout all Eras – the deluge myth has been recounted in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran. Myths seem to survive the rise...

Anyone is a Guru These Days on Udemy

Life Advice Gurus

There is many a fake life advice guru making a profession out of people’s need or wish to be advised about their lives, and this i find to be unethical,...

Grammarly - Authoring to remove Personal Style on a Global Scale

Grammarly, Genius of Poet Laureates, and the Literary Prowess of NFL Fans

When it comes to the Poetic Genius, and High Prose, I am most certain, that the Great Poets, such as Yeats, Blake, and the Poet Laureate Lord Tennyson won’t make...

this is not giving up no this is letting go

My Own Life Advice After a 5 Year Inner and Outer War – Letting Go

My Own Life Advice; Letting Go Again A step in destroying Mijchaa Dhitti (False Views):- Considering having suffered the Abduction of My Own Son, and estrangement through parental Alienation and...

Corrupt Singapore Justice persecutes John Tan and Daniel De Costa and Xu Yuanchen after the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run Singapore

Corrupt Singapore Justice, Corrupt Singapore Police

The Singaporean Justice and Their Paid Cronies the Singapore Cybercrime Police Division, have Embarrassed the Country in the Eyes of the World Once Again! Poor old John Tan (SDP) and...