Ajarn Spencer

Jack of All Trades, Web Guru, Ajarn Sak Yant, Dhamma Teacher, Author, Anthropologist, Occultist, Linguist, Ufologist, Historian, Philosopher, Online Entrepreneur, Anarchist, Human Rights Activist, Musician, Astronomer, Sci-Fi Freak, Amulet Trader, Podcaster and Blogger

Ajarn Spencer


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Self-Published Author, Anthropologist, Linguist, Philosopher, Occultist, Anarchist and Sovereign Individual. Professional Webmaster. SEO Consultant, Practitioner of Vipassana Kammathana Mindfulness Practices. Astronomy freak, Musician, Avid Futurist and Disillusioned Altruist, Amulet trader and Online Entrepreneur.

Chosen Topics You will find me writing about on this blog;

Astronomy and Physics,

UFOS Real and Fake

Behavioural Conditioning (from Social, Political, Religious, Academic, and Natural Biological Causes)

Anarchy and Sovereign Individualism


Amulets and Talismans


The Occult


Myths and Legends

Meditation and Vipassana


Webmastering and Internet