Ajarn Spencer

Jack of All Trades, Web Guru, Ajarn Sak Yant, Dhamma Teacher, Author, Anthropologist, Occultist, Linguist, Ufologist, Historian, Philosopher, Online Entrepreneur, Anarchist, Human Rights Activist, Musician, Astronomer, Sci-Fi Freak, Amulet Trader, Podcaster and Blogger

Ajarn Spencer

Buddha Magic TV

Buddha Magic TV Channel

The Buddha Magic Project has a video channel known as Buddha Magic TV, which is dedicated to bringing you the easiest way to look and learn about Thai Buddha Magic, Thai Amulets, Buddhist Rituals  and Thai Occultism in general. M<ost people prefer Video to reading these days, and so Buddha Magic Multimedia & Publications have brought Buddha Magic TV to you, for your education and entertainment.

Buddha Magic is a semi anthropological, semi magical series of Ezines, and Video Documentaries dedicated to documenting the Thai Occult, Buddhist, and Animist Spiritual Beliefs and practices.

Buddha Magic is also a Series of Ebooks authored by the founder of the project, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood. Ajarn Spencer also produces Kata Chanting and Buddhist Chanting Tutorials and Lessons in Occult Practices, and Vipassana Mindfulness teachings as Audio Podcasts

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