Kata Sek Wan 108 – Incantation to Chant, to Empower Sacred Herbs Flowers and Woods. Can be used for all kinds of amulets that are made of Sacred Substances, to invoke the power within these Sacred Substances, as well as in some cases, to merely use the substance itself as an amulet in raw form, and empower as its own naturally formed amulet. Such examples would be a piece of Mai Ga Fak Rak wood, or a Paya Wan Dork Tong Flower, whose Magical Powers are so reputed that no special form of extra empowerment is needed, and they are revered as they are as natural phenomena.
Kata Sek Wan (Mantra to Invoke the Dork Tong Deva)

U A Ma – Dta Ho Ja – I Swaasu – Mangsang – Suswaa I – Na Ho Ja Na – Tu Sa Ma Ni – Hadt Thi – Ni Sa Ma Tu

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