Phra Rahu Wicha Lanna Ancient Amulet of Unknown Lanna Sorcerer, in red sacred powders with black lacquer on front face, wiuth exquisitely detailed design features. I assume this amulet, judging from the masterful artisanry, red Muan Sarn Sacred Powders and lacquer, with the visible natural aspects of natural ageing, to be most probably from the Great Kruba Nanta, or if not, the Great Kruba Wang, of Wat Ban Den.

In any case, this ancient Pra Rahu Nuea Pong Jum Rak is of the era of these Masters, and most definitely from one of the leading Masters of that Era, as the highly powerful Muan Sarn Sacred Powders and design quality reveals the work of an artisan who made a very finely honed block press, which is only seen with the top masters.

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Hence, this an officially ‘unkown Lanna Master’ type ancient amulet of immense sacred power and also collectability as a piece of ancient Lanna Thai Buddhist Arts, and also valued as a museum piece for curation, in addition. My feeling is that this Pra Rahu amulet is from Kroo Ba Nanta, for its obvious age, but may be from the early era of Kroo Ba Wang, for the red powders and lacquer, which both these Lanna Master Monks liked to use.

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