Lucifer -Herald of Dawn

Misconceptions and Complexities Surrounding the Identity of Lucifer

The name “Lucifer” has a complex and multifaceted history. In Latin, “Lucifer” literally means “light-bringer” or “morning star.” In ancient Roman mythology, Lucifer referred to the planet Venus when it appears in the east before sunrise. It was seen as a symbol of the dawn, heralding the coming of daylight.

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However, over time, the name became associated with various religious and mythological figures, including its transformation into a symbol of Satan or the Devil in Christian theology. This association primarily stems from a passage in the Bible, specifically Isaiah 14:12, which refers to the fall of the Babylonian king and uses the phrase “morning star, son of the dawn” in Latin, which is translated as “Lucifer” in many English versions of the Bible.

Angelic Beings - good or evil? or both?

Despite this association, some modern interpretations, such as in literature or popular culture, have attempted to reclaim the original meaning of Lucifer as a symbol of enlightenment, rebellion against oppression, or the pursuit of knowledge. One notable example is the character Lucifer Morningstar from Neil Gaiman’s comic book series “The Sandman” and its spin-off television series “Lucifer,” where Lucifer is portrayed as a complex character who rejects his role as ruler of Hell and seeks redemption.

So, while “Lucifer” has indeed become associated with evil and demonology in popular culture, its original meaning as a symbol of the dawn and enlightenment is still recognized by those familiar with its historical and mythological roots.


The Secret of the 33rd Degree Mason, & the Resonance of Mind that is Awakened;

Perhaps this talk does not reveal the true secret given to a Free and Accepted Mason of a Lodge during his Mystery Play Initiation as a 33rd degree freemason, but it is still very important  Masonic Lecture by Grand Master Manly P. Hall, valid for everybody around the world when we look at hos he describes the world and the Human Zeitgeist (Mindset). It is the Human Mindset, that has fallen into disarray and out of resonance with Mother Nature, and diverted our path towards self destruction, and Social Decline, which leads to the Fall of Civilizations.

The Lecture was made many years ago, even before Ecology was a Public Issue, and before the Moon Landing, but is almost more relevant today in 2021, than it was way back when in the time that he spoke these great words. One can consider the lecture a true criticism of the democratic capitalist system, and industrialism, and FIAT based non-hard-asset based economies (The Monetary System).

A hint at how humanity went wrong in its thinking (like when Cain Slew Abel, and left the Sons of Seth to continue to inherit the Earth, and the Sons of Cain to Perish in the Great Flood)… And a hint at how our minds should return to resonating WITH nature, not in Conflict with it 

Proof that Humanity has taken a wrong turn along the line, and is about to pay with Social Decline and perhaps Mass Extinction. It is also possible, that if we the population of the World, allow our unenlightened and uneducated leaders to continue to perpetuate their methods, we may be doomed, unless we return to living with Nature, and give up the desires for things described by Grand master Hall in his Lecture, and indeed by Jiddu Krishnamurti in his Talk included below in this blogpost.

The Year Earth Changed


The Year Earth Changed is a nature documentary that begins with a striking image from the earliest days of the pandemic: A nearly empty and mostly silent Times Square sets the scene for a film that examines the huge impact COVID had, not on us, but on the world itself. The documentary makes a convincing case that the coronavirus pandemic gave the planet a needed break.

The 48-minute documentary debuts on Apple TV+ on April 16, ahead of Earth Day, and it has a simple conceit. Yes, the pandemic has wreaked all kinds of havoc on humanity. But for animals and nature, a year of us humans largely staying home has provided an unexpected boon. (Source; Apple Insider Review)

This gives us a clue as to how we should be truly living, with nature, not in conflict with it

The Resonance of Mind that is Awakened.

Why Are We Truly Here?

If you wish to begin to understand, then you could benefit by listening to the ascended Thai Buddhist Master, Ajahn Chah;

Are we going through the greatest deception in history? And is it due to our own lack of will and mindfulness? Or is it down to the Evil Agendas of those who Rule, Control and Condition the Minds of the Masses? Are we born all unenlightened and all equally to blame for this mess we have got into? Where the world and nature is fighting back and we face Mass Extinction? Or is it due to certain self-supposedly ‘Awakened’ Individual Groups (yeah they think they are, but if they were, they wouldn’t be behaving like they do)?


Want to Investigate More in Full? – Download the Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall.

Manly.P.Hall_The.Secret Teachings.of All Ages

Place Importance on the stories/myths in this post, and try to make your choices as to how you are to learn to live on with Planet Earth, Mother Nature and the Algorithm of Evolution within Nature, in its self created deep-learning code of self learning

If we cannot learn to adapt and renounce the luxuries and technologies we have created to destroy nature, and our own chances of future survival as a race, then we are most certainly doomed to seeing the end of Civilization, and almost certainly nearly total Mass Extinction.

If anybody is to survive what is to come, and is already has begun its process, with only the meek who went off-grid, returning to natural living, & hopefully, inheriting the earth that remains after the proverbial ‘shit hits the fan’. This is meant Ecologically, Socially, Spiritually, Politically, and economically speaking.

I now leave you with a talk about some of the related issues in this post, beginning with some talk about the supposed worldwide plastic bans, which were all over all news channels worldwide in 2019-2020, & suddenly disappeared with the appearance Covid Pandemic, and the overblown promises made by governments about the banning of Carbon Emission Vehicles by 2030, and achieving Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050, and why i say this is a deception, or an erroneous assumption by governments, and is impossible to achieve.

Dtukadtaa Paya Wan Sak Thai Yai - Ruesi Hermit Image

The Dtugadtaa Paya Wan Sak is an effigy or image made from herbal powder clay, sometimes covered with dee buk leaden coating or even solid silver foil, or sometimes a solid cast image with a hollow in the base, filled with sacred herbal powder paste. In ancient times, Sak Yant Masters would have an assortment of these ‘Magic Dolls’ to dip their Sak Yant sticks (‘Khem Sak’, or ‘Mai Sak’) into the magical herbal mixture and stir some into their inkpot. This is believed to imbue the Sak Yant ink with different magical powers, depending on the magical attributes of the particular image, and of course the magical mixture of sacred herbs and powders within the image

Below is a gallery of different kinds of Dtugadtaa Paya Wan Sak, mostly from the Thai Yai Northern Lanna Sorcery tradition. Click each image to view full size.

The Thai Yai (otherwise known as the Shan) People of the Northern Lanna Region have a massive pantheon of Animist Gods andn Occult Practices, which is the subject of my E-book ‘The Book of Thai Lanna Sorcery’

An ancient practice hardly seen these days the use of Paya Wan Sak amulets and effigies made from magical herbal powders and woods, used to dip the Sak Yant instrument into, and mix magical inks with. This was done to imbue different powers and kinds of magic to the ink, and the spell within the Sak Yant tattoo, depending on the type of Sak Yant Tattoo being performed.