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The Book of Thai Lanna Sorcery Ebook – Buddha Magic Episode 6 by Ajarn Spencer Littlewood. The Book of Thai Lanna Sorcery introduces us to the Occult traditions, and talismanic amulets of the folk of the Northern Lanna Regions, which have a rich cultural heritage deriving from a multitude of Ethnic Races and Cultures, with Animism being a strong influence on the magical symbolism found in Lanna Sorcery traditions. The book is of interest to amulet collectors, anthropologists, and occultists, and to anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of the beliefs of the people of Siam.

NOTE – this is an E-BOOK, NOT Physical goods. The Ebook is a Virtual download in PDF Format for on screen reading. You can however print one copy for your own use and reference. A4 Format prints very clearly.

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