Corrupt Singapore Justice persecutes John Tan and Daniel De Costa and Xu Yuanchen after the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run Singapore

The Singaporean Justice and Their Paid Cronies the Singapore Cybercrime Police Division, have Embarrassed the Country in the Eyes of the World Once Again! Poor old John Tan (SDP) and Daniel De Costa, (and Xu Yuan Chen in addition).  John Tan and Daniel both being Persecuted by the CORRUPT SINGAPORE JUDICIARY MAFIA. John is being Persecuted with threats of Contempt to DISQUALIFY him from contesting in the Upcoming Election (Powers that be shitting their pants he might get in), after running the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run with Daniel De Costa both wearing ANTI DEATH PENALTY T-Shirts). 

Corrupt Singapore Justice persecutes John Tan and Daniel De Costa and Xu Yuanchen after the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run Singapore

Corrupt Singapore Justice persecutes John Tan and Daniel De Costa and Xu Yuanchen after the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run Singapore

Daniel De Costa was charged with Criminal Defamation after writing an article for the online citizen on Thursday (Dec 13) for publishing an article that alleged corruption among the Singapore Government’s highest officers. Xu Yuanchen, better known as Terry Xu, was charged alongside the alleged author of the article, 35-year-old Daniel De Costa. De Costa received a second charge of unauthorised access to computer material. Xu Yuanchen, better known as Terry Xu, was charged alongside the alleged author of the article, 35-year-old Daniel De Costa.

36-year-old Mr Terry Xu Yuan Chen, TOC’s editor, has been facing investigations regarding an article that alleged “corruption within the Singapore Government”, as well as matters related to our Constitution.

Daniel De Costa received a second charge of unauthorised access to computer material in addition to the first charge. De Costa had allegedly logged into the email account of a “Willy Sum” and submitted the article to TOC. The article, titled “The Take Away from Seah Kian Ping’s Facebook Post” was published under Willy Sum’s name.

Willy Sum was really a person called Sim Wee Lee, also known as Willy. The article, published on Sep 4, alleged that “we have seen multiple policy and foreign screw-ups, TAMPERING OF THE CONSTITUTION, CORRUPTION AT THE HIGHEST ECHELONS, and apparent lack of respect from foreign powers ever since the demise of founding father Lee Kuan Yew”.

All For Having A Jog In A Legally Registered Jogging Activist Run, and wearing Anti Death Sentence T-Shirts.!!!!!

“Singapore’s ministers should not have the power to singlehandedly silence anybody it wants to, including foreigners and their websites, and freedom of expression.  Singapore’s government wants to be the arbiter of what anyone can say! This is True Human Rights Abuse in Singapore, and STATE COMMITTED at That!”


As far as Singapore’s Silencing People’s Freedom of Expression is Concerned, even Wikipedia is constantly being re-edited to Hide the Facts about Judicial Corruption in Singapore, removing the true statistics of corruption, and replacing the info with Fake News type Propaganda by agents of the Singapore  Government who constantly monitor any new edits on Wikipedia on the ‘Corruption in Singapore’ page entry.

Whereas according to Human Rights Watch, who Singapore have also attacked, and tried to force the removal of online facts, claiming it to be ‘Fake News’, the Truth sounds more like this; “Singapore’s political environment is stifling, and citizens continue to face severe restrictions on their basic rights to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly. The government effectively controls print media, and online media outlets are forced to register with the government and post a significant bond. Bloggers and online media that comment on political issues are targeted for prosecution with vague and overly broad legal provisions on public order, morality, security, and racial and religious harmony.

Returning to the constant Vigil and Re-Editing of Wikipedia, one constantly removed and replaced phrase i have seen re-edited on a daily basis is the statement that ‘Corruption in Singapore is generally perceived as low. Cases are mostly handled by the Singapore Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB), a government agency in Singapore that investigates and prosecutes corruption in the public and private sectors’ The truth is that Corruption is percveived as High by most Citizens, as i myself have asked over 300 Citizens, ALL but 5 of whom agreed that the Justice System is Corrupt, and many Singaporean Citizens also expressed the Opinion that the Women’s Society of Singapore  who rule the Family Justice is also as Corrupt as a Colombian Army Officer. (and that’s saying something!)

In fact, the Singapore Government are not only posting Fake News on Wikipedia, but also on their own websites to bury the true facts posted on other sites, in the Google Search Engine.

Singaporean Government Fake News Propaganda

Government Manipulated Fake News Online to Bury Real Truth, and put it on Page 2 of Google


The CPIB are however also Cronies of the Government, and Hence, Part of the Corruption Ring, and will ALWAYS FIND CORRUPTION when investigating the Enemies of the State (Dissidents whose Freedom of Speech is Silenced), but will NEVER FIND CORRUPTION WITHIN ITS OWN ECHELONS.

Mr Xu Yuanchen stands accused by the State of publishing a defamatory article in Willy Sum’s name, without proper verification of the writer’s identity.

De Costa was arrested that same day at 2.50pm. Police also discovered he had plans to leave Singapore on a flight scheduled at 3.45pm. A search warrant allowed them to seize his electronic equipment as well.

Both parties will be charged with “criminal defamation” with possible jail terms of up to 2 years and a fine.

Hats of off to Xu Yuanchen for refusing to sign the below document!

Xu Yuanchen refuses to sign Charge Sheet

Editor Xu has “refused to sign” the charge sheet.

De Costa faces an additional charge for “unauthorised access to computer material” and utilising Mr Sum’s account without permission. He could face a $5,000 fine and/or a 2-year jail term.

I myself find this strange after reporting exactly such a Cybercrime to the Head of the Division itself Office Tan Yong Hua of the Singapore Police Cybercrime Division,

No prosecution was made for the two reported Cybercrimes, commited against me, to Illegally access my Apple Id and iMessages to steal Data and Manipulate it, and present the faked manipulated stolen Data as evidence against me in court, by the Abdutress of my Son, his Own Mother.

She stole the evidence, to evade having to return my Parentally Abducted son Angelo, who was abducted by the mother from Thailand to Singapore in 2014, and used Illegal Methods to Hoodwink the Singaporean Family Justice into not returning the child. Tan Yong Hua told me to fly to Singapore and make a police report, which i did, and after various emails, replied saying no action was going to be taken. Below is the initial email response from the Cybercrime Division.

Singapore Cybercrime Division's head Officer Tan Yong Hua's first response to my rep[ort of a cybercrime to Illegally Obtain Evidence to Dupe the Justice System. The Coirtys Accepted the Stolen Evidence Knowing it was illegally obtained, and ignored the allegations that the data had been manipulated to deceive.

Singapore Cybercrime Division’s head Officer Tan Yong Hua’s first response to my report of a cybercrime, committed by the Abducting Parent (Mother of my Abducted Son Angelo),  to Illegally Obtain Digital Evidence stolen from a private chat with my Brother, to Dupe the Justice System. – DISCLAIMER!!!!  I Ajarn Spencer Littlewood have never signed the Official Secrets Act. Adding such a warning as seen in the above screenshot of an email from the Singapore Police, is not legally Binding, and is in Fact an Intended deception. aimed at silencing or frightening those Citizens who do not know their international right to freedom of speech. It is intended to try to scare potential whistleblowers into revealing the contents of the emails. It is however not  legally acceptable, nor is it binding to put this kind of message in the footer of an email.

I, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood am not subject to, and have never signed the Official Secrets Act of Singapore, and as a British Citizen, am not subject to the laws of a country i neither live in nor visit, Nor do i recognise your self invented laws, so fuck yourselves!!!.

Here below in screenshot of my emails to Tan Yong Hua, is the story i told Tan Yong Hua, before flying to Singapore and fling an Official Police Report which was forwarded to him personally, as requested by him. I now realise that this was to keep the matter hidden, NOT to help me. Being sweet-talked by state officials in Singapore has happened to me on multiple occasions, and i am no longer so Naive to fall for it. I was however at the time, and believed he wished to help, which as it turns out, he didn’t.

Pre-Official Email Response to Singapore Cybercrime Division head Tan Yong Hua, before filing official Police Report for Investigation and Prosecution, which never happened.

Pre-Official Email Response to Singapore Cybercrime Division head Tan Yong Hua

I say to Tan Yong Hua; Why was my Singaporean Ex Wife’s act of “unauthorised access to computer material” not Prosecuted, but the allegations against Daniel Da Costa are????

In my case, the Cybercrime Division refused to Prosecute, and Courts Accepted the Stolen Evidence Knowing it was illegally obtained, and ignored the allegations that the data had been manipulated to deceive. (I shall reveal the Corrupt Judicial Misconducts against Myself and My Internationally Abducted Son Angelo in a separate Post).



The Singapore Justice IS UNDENIABLY CORRUPT, as are their Cronies in blue-black, the Police. I myself had a Singaporean log into my Apple ID and use stolen Data to harm me, and Tan Yong Hua head of Cybercrime Division took my complaint and DID NOTHING!  So Cyber-Crimes against Individual Citizens is Ignored by the Singapore Police. But…. when someone criticises the government, The Cybercrime Division Bends over and spreads their Buttocks!

You Failed To Silence Human Rights Watch, and You Singapore, will also Fail to Silence other Human Rights Warriors around the World. For We Are Anonymous, Legion, and We are Not Subject To Your Laws Outside Of Singapore, And You Will Fail To Silence Me, Because You, the Singaporean State, and its Corrupt Singaporean Judiciary, Assisted In The International Parental Child Abduction Of My Son In 2014, To Hide It From Your Compulsory Annual Report To The Un On The Civil Aspects Of International Parental Child Abduction And Article 10 Of The Rights Of The Child


Despotic Leader Singapore Lee Hsien

Despotic Leader Singapore Lee Hsien

faceless & nameless

We are En-Masse Virtually Anonymous – We Are Legion – But some of us are brave enough to Show Our Faces, like me, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood. After what you did to my son Singapore, who i shall probably never see again, YOU SHALL PAY WITH THE LOSS OF REPUTATION YOU DESERVE, AS WILL THE INDIVIDUALS WHO ASSISTED IN MY SON’S ABDUC TIOBN AND RETENTION, AND REMOVAL OF HIS RIGHT TO ARTICLE 10 OF THE WORLD CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD!


United Nations Useless as the Court in Alice in Wonderland

When one becomes aware of what lies behind the United Nations Lack of Action, and their many alleged Money Skimming Scams, one has to ask when it will finally be dissolved, ridding this world of one of the most costly and inefficient organisations on the planet. The United Nations is a Hot Topic when it comes to the Discussion about whether they are efficient in their stated missions or not, and are being regarded as more International trade Orientated, than they are Interested in Helping the World Become a Better Place, Helping Children, and other Human Rights Related Issues. The one thing that has never come to the surface till now, which is becoming ever more talked about, and slowly going viral, is the money skimming scams committed by both Individuals within the UN, and the United Nations itself.

United Nations 10 Million Scandal

United Nations 10 Million Scandal

I Myself, have had two applications with the U.N. for Human Rights Issues, during the Process of which, i found out, that their supposed Human Rights Departments are Bogus Ghost Offices, especially the Hague Central Authorities of Each Nation, and that they are involved in a Money Skimming Scame in Cahoots with the Mediation Agency – I Predict that the U.N. will be most probably dissolved within two decades or less, as the General Consensus is tending to view the U.N. as a Powerless Waste of Time and Money, designed more for Trade, than for Sanctioning Rogue Nations and Getting the Job Done.

There has arisen much dissidence as to the viability or usefulness of the existence of the UN over the last few years, and various attempts at clearing the air have been attempted by the UN to Justify their Existence and the Funding they receive from member Sovereign Nation States.

5 Assholes in the United Nations Security Council needed to get a 'Yes'

5 Assholes in the United Nations Security Council needed to get a ‘Yes’

Even students like Rwanda Paktar have made astute comments to the question “Is United Nations a useless organisation?” and cited events which show that the existence and cost of the United Nations is of no use to anybody whatsoever, and here i quote his comments from Quora

“The UN is totally a useless organization. It was formed in the aftermath of WW2 , in order to maintain peace within all the nations. However, it has today become a spineless organization, with no say whatsoever.

The UN has become one of the most inefficient organizations. Even after 73 years after its existence, the UN has failed to end the world’s gravest concerns. Let us look at some of the issues UN has overlooked.
Rwanda Genocide :
In 1994, the UN; and I quote “ just stood and watched” the slaughter of 800,000 ethnic Tutsis, caused by the Hutu government.
Iraq invasion:
Even though the UN declared it illegal , US simply attacked Iraq and remained there for seven long years , calling it as a war for democracy. What is the use of the UN when anyone can declare war on each other ?
Israel/Palestine issue:
In 1948,the UN pledged to split the land west of the dead sea into two states, namely Israel and Palestine. This is what they came up with.
The green areas would become Palestine, and the white ones Israel.
What a ridiculous plan ! Do you think such nations could coexist, when parts of them are split across hostile territory ?

Israel Palestine Scandal United nations Boobed Up

Israel Palestine Scandal United nations Boobed Up

Kashmir issue :
In 1947, India/Pakistan war took place over the princely state of Kashmir. The UN drew a Line of Control across the map. However, they did not complete the job. A small patch, also called as the Siachen Glacier, lies unclaimed up to this day.

Kashmir Incident United nations Lack of Action

Kashmir Incident United nations Lack of Action

The efficiency of the UN is worse then even the worst courts in the world. 73 years on, many issues are unresolved.

United Nations is more ridiculous than the courts, which are inthemselves, as Ridiculous as the Courtroom of the Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

United Nations is more ridiculous than the courts, which is in itself, as Ridiculous as the Courtroom of the Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Perhaps the main reason why the UN is so inefficient is because the way it works. For a decision to be passed in the Security Council, one needs the “Yes” of all five permanent members- United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China and France.

These 5 members have veto power, thus they can forbid any decision from being passed. A single amendment requires months, if not years to be passed, in order to appease all the five Veto Nations.

UNSC PG5 Nuclear Weapon Wielding Asshole Bullly Nations

UNSC PG5 Nuclear Weapon Wielding Asshole Bullly Nations

What’s worse, the five nations take diametrically opposite stances on such grave issues.
The UN also recommends countries to take a particular stance even though the countries don’t wish to. For example, the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) forces countries to accept refugees. It is very easy to give such advices, especially when you are not the one paying for it.

The permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (also known as the Permanent Five, Big Five, or P5) are the five states which the UN Charter of 1945 grants a permanent seat on the UN Security Council: China (formerly the Republic of China), France, Russia (formerly the Soviet Union), the United Kingdom, and the United States.

P5 United Nations Money Skimmer Donald Trump

P5 United Nations Money Skimmer Donald Trump

These countries were all allies in World War II, which turned out victorious. They are also all nuclear weapons states. A total of 15 UN member states serve on the UNSC, the remainder of which are elected. Any one of the five permanent members have the power of veto, which enables them to prevent the adoption of any “substantive” draft Council resolution, regardless of its level of international support

The UN at least claims to have had some efficiency until the 90’s. That was because both the superpowers, the US and the USSR , held a delicate balance in the General Assembly. After the fragmentation of the USSR, there is only one superpower, which has further reduced the UN efficiency. The UN is now heavily biased when it comes to countries having sour relations with the US.

United States Vs World UN General Assembly Monkeys

United States Vs World UN General Assembly Monkey Business.

So the UN is essentially useless. It is biased and inefficient. It doesn’t serve the very purpose it was meant for.

To quote foreign affairs website;

Any assessment of the United Nations’ performance must begin by acknowledging that it is not a monolithic institution but a composite of various parts, which are often conflated by its detractors. When critics invoke the United Nations, do they mean the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), dominated by the great powers and charged with enforcing global peace and security? “

“Are they referring to the UN General Assembly (UNGA), the world’s noisy but largely toothless town hall, or to other large-membership bodies such as the Human Rights Council? Do they mean the dozens of UN specialized agencies, programs, and funds, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency and the UN High Commission for Refugees? Or are they critiquing the UN Secretariat itself, within which Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon oversees myriad departments devoted to development, disarmament, peacekeeping, and the like? ”

Real News wish it was fake

Real News wish it was fake

The Truth is, in My Opinion, the UN is merely a Fake Money Skimming Operation for Corporate Businessmen who buy their way into Politics with Bribery, Bloodlines, Money and Philanthropy. in order to increase their own personal gains and interest, and have power over the world.

United Nations Money Skimming Scams

United Nations Money Skimming Scams