iPad Pro 11.9 inch smart keyboard folio Thai-English

Brand New still in the Box Apple iPad Pro 2018 Keyboard Folio for the 11.9 Inch iPad Pro. I bought this for my son, but it turned out he has an iPad Pro 12.9 Inch and it was too small, hence, i am selling this item, knowing that someone in the west or outside of Thailand must be like me and want a Thai-English Keyboard for their iPad Pro. I Paid 6940 Baht for this item and ask only 4000 Baht Plus EMS Shipping Costs of 1500 Baht (5500 Baht total not a penny more). The keyboard in box weighs 610 Grams but weighs over a Kilo Packed for sending. This works out at about what it would cost you from Apple, so ends up still cheaper not more expensive than get it from Apple, but has the Thai-English keyboard many of you Thai-Writers in the West may wish to have. Hope this item may be of use to somebody! I don’t add hidden shipping costs in this store anymore so the stated price included EMS Worldwide Express Shipping

I am selling this in new condition because i made the mistake of measuring the case edge to edge instead of corner to corner, as the iPad Pro 11.9 is in truth only 10 Inches wide, but measures 11.9 inch screen from corner to corner (tv measuring style) which i myself find deceptive, and told Apple about it. So please make sure if you buy this Keyboard Folio that your iPad Pro says 11.9 Inches on the box. The new Smart Keyboard Folio is designed to deliver a great typing experience on a full-size keyboard whenever you need it. Its durable, lightweight cover protects both the front and back of your new 11‑inch or 12.9‑inch iPad Pro. Simply attach it to your new iPad Pro and type away. The Smart Keyboard Folio attaches magnetically to the back of iPad Pro. It protects the front and back while you’re on the go. Simply unfold the front to use the keyboard when you need it.