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Webmaster Channel

Webmaster Topics – Ajarn Spencer Style

Mastering the Web as a Webmaster can be free or very expensive. I learned the hard way beginning in about the year 2003, when i first learned that you could click on a link, and discovered a mouse had a right click, and taught myself from there, to write code, make graphics, learn server technology, code in MYSql, PHP, XHTML, CSS and other code languages, and find out how to get hosting, design and install a website both as static html through ftp upload as was commonplace back in those days. In addition, that time was the advent of php code and dynamic websites with javascript and php, so i turned to teaching myself about installing dynamic websites with open source cms software and database driven interfaces… I was 38 when i started to teach myself, and this channel is to show you some of the stuff i learned, and of course is also a Vlog as an Ethical Webmaster with Spiritual and Unorthodox Ideas about the world, expressing his views.

Hope some of you ethical Webmasters and good people trying to learn about Webmastery find some of these videos interesting. MY blog section also has the odd post about Webmastery too, as i consider myself first and foremost an author and webmaster, above other things. My Love of Webmastery goes beyond my Love of the Web, which has become a shitty place to be due to lack of Ethics, and this is part of what this channel is about. Beware! Social Anthropology issues are hidden within this Webmaster Channel’s Videos