After having very bad experiences with my previous hosting services (Bluehost), i decided to move Ajarn Spencer Blog to a new hosting service. However, the Bluehost Admin CP did not allow me to export the Database to my new server, and had to lose all previous posts to date in the transportation process.

Ho Hum never mind. Restart and Power Up, and off we go again for round Two.. The construction of this Temple is now Begun Anew! Building great Edifices, be they Actual or Virtually Manifest, is an Opus Magnum. All great edifices however, began with the laying of a Foundation, Cornerstones, and a Keystone. This Post is the foundation upon which i shall build the cornerstones, and then the Keystron, to raise the roof and walls, to house the things within this Edifice.

So welcome back, i hope the posts i will be making are of interest to some if not all of you. The topics will be wide ranging, so it is unlikely you will be interested in all of the things i write about.  Unless you suffer from curiosity about all things under the sun, like me. Many secrets will be contained and hidden within my blogposts, so keep attentive and do your studies, if you wish to find them all.

“Magnus Ab Integro Saeclorum Nascitur Ordo”

Solomons Temple