Can I Name a Star? (Human Morality in Question)

Can I Name A Star After Me?

There are many websites offering to register a Star in the name of your choice. But can they really do this?

To answer this question and an anthropological question about the Evolution of Human Ethics and Morality, here goes;  If we do a Google Search for ‘name a Star’ then this is what we get in the search results (see below image);

Name a Star - Buy a Star - Fake Offers on Websites in Google Search, to have a star named after you

But in Truth, if you are offered to pay to name a star in your name – its a con;

The International Astronomical Union does not accept such registrations, because only Numbers are used for stars in astronomical databases.

The IAU frequently receives requests from individuals who want to buy stars or name stars after other persons.

Mr. Fraser Cain wrote for the Universe Today website in 2013 on this Topic, and made a Video to explain the matter;

The IAU also has the following to say about this;

“Some commercial enterprises purport to offer such services for a fee. However, such “names” have no formal or official validity whatsoever. Similar rules on “buying” names apply to star clusters and galaxies as well. For bodies in the Solar System , special procedures for assigning official names apply (see the IAU theme “Naming Astronomical Objects”), but in no case are commercial transactions involved. Source;

Law Should Be By A Moral Society

Anthropological Evolutionary Insights

The way in which society and economics push Humanity into using deceptive means and attitudes to conduct one’s profession, maintaining legality, whilst ignoring morality, is extremely concerning, considering this is part of how Humanity is Evolving Socially. Evolution of Our Species is much more than PHysical Evolution now. We are evolving Socially, Culturally, and even in Our Attitudes to Worldly Survival. Our Ethics must also Evolve in conjunction with our Laws and Social Ethics.

In this day and age, we see that the placing of importance only on what is legal, whilst ignoring if it is Moral or Immoral, as the sole measuring stick of success and civilised advancement.

We can see that we are to evolve into a race of mutual abusers, with no morals, except that whatever you do, make sure its legal and lawful, but dont worry if it is immoral or not.

Blind Justice Tempered with Morality and Mercy?  (or Not?)

Blind Justice Tempered with MNorality and Mercy (or Not?)

So long as something is legal on paper,  it’s ok in Human Society, so these websites can sell you a star, even though they don’t own it, and cannot truly legally register it for you. because of legal word bandying. But no judge or parliament seems interested if the law is being used to commit lawful and moral acts, or if it is being used to commit lawful and immoral acts?

Moral or Immoral is not an issue for law and order, but it should be!.

What is Immoral?

Above Image was sourced from a Powerpoint Slideshow Called ‘Morality’. Soucer Link;

Cartoon Network Amazone Pattaya

Searching for places to take my Son to have fun in the area where i live, i stumbled across the Cartoon Network Amazone park Pattaya. First thing i thought was how the name ‘Cartoon Network’ seems completely off topic with the location.

But the place seems ok apart from being a bit sparsely decorated and landscaped. I think i will take my son here for a visit when he comes from Singapore. Below are some pics i swiped from Google Image Search.

I have included a Google Map for anyone interested in visiting the place, for easy location of the Park.

Below is a Cartoon Map of the Enclave (click to view enlarged)

Cartoon Network Amazone Pattaya Map

Writing for the Future to Save Re-Editing

Writing for the Future – Planning Ahead with Your Published Content

When you write your book, article, blogpost or description to a file you may upload to the Internet, or tell a story, in a podcast or video or written article, you may not think ahead to see some of the errors which may arise ovcer time, but which are not present at the time of writing. For bloggers and content creators this is an essential ‘Wicha’ (science) to develop, understand and master. In webmastery it is extremely important to try to keep one’s content valid as time passes for as long as possible, to avoid deprecation, and inaccuracy.

Hlek Jarn + Kampir Yant Lanna - inscription tool and sacre parchment grimoire of Yant from the Thai Yai Shan people
Hlek Jarn + Kampir Yant Lanna – inscription tool and sacre parchment grimoire of Yant from the Thai Yai Shan people

I have learned this as i write articles for my Buddha Magic Project, and make write-ups of the amulets and other items i sell in my online stores. Here is an example of how one can write without thinking ahead, how a mistake can appear in time, which was not present at time of writing, and how one can look ahead and avoid such mistakes in future. In the below case i use the topic of Buddhist Amulets, and how i write about them to avoid making mistakes or inaccurate statements;

I used to write stuff like ‘this amulet was made by this 108 year old monk’ and then i would see my post 3 years later and realise ‘now the monk is 111 years old and my info is outdated’ 

Now when i write, i am careful not to write such things, and would write for example ‘this monk was born in the year 1954’, which leaves the data correct for future readers. People who make video content, can sometimes also think ahead when they prepare their narratives. For example, a Youtuber who does app reviews, could say ‘Currently this app does not work with iOS 10 at time of posting this video’ and say the date at time of posting. This would allow later viewers to see the temporary nature of the ‘Truth’ spoken at the time of posting, which later, becomes an ‘Untruth’, as things change in Time. Always think about these things when you are writing or speaking about things in your publications, to develop a more skilful approach to your content creation, with maximum validity over time.

RIP Firefox Drowned

Firefox is often said to be the best browser for Mac and Windows, but this has become a Fallacy lately.

Firstly one should know that the current news on firefox is “The death of Firefox”, and that is has security issues like never before, and is losing ground to all other major browsers. As an ex firefox freak even i have deinstalled it from all my devices, after it turned out to be the sole culprit for compromising my Mac with the google linkbucks malware and other trojans.
Firefox is not the best browser for Mac. Because of the faster rate of updates in Flash, most browsers on a Mac will have repeated compatibility issues every few days with websites waring that flash needs upgrading for the website to work. The truth is, that web content is increasing is technological advancement faster than browsers can keep up with, and there is currently not a single browser for Mac that does not fail in one point or another.
Safari is currently the best in my opinion, but has a lot of compatibility issues with Java and Flash and AJAX/JSON based scripts. Uploading images to websites may result in other functionality becoming deactivated until you refresh the page, or creating image folders in facebook profiles or pages for example, is impossible in Safari. Uploading multiple images does not work, only uploading to timeline on the wall works.

The cursor disappears often with Java based functions such as uploading files.. Chrome works well but is a total invasion of privacy by Google, for which reason i refuse to install it. Chromium is good but it has issues because it uses Pepper Flash which is not compatible with many sites. Maxxthon is also a total invasion of privacy, as are most browsers these days. In fact, the whole word wide web is now merely a Marketing Platform instead of a free information source.

The internet is one big spyware and marketing tool, which is not what Tim Berners-Lee intended to happen with it when he gave it to the Public Domain. Search Engines are Biased towards their own Advertising and block any results they do not wish to value, so who gets a say or a presence on the internet, is not a democratic affair. All Men are Not Equal. Try watching the movie “The Internet’s Own Boy’

Water Fox

Instead of Firefox, i am currently testing “Waterfox“, and will be making a review of this browSer in an upcoming post. Waterfox is a 64 Bit Browser Software using Intel C++ Compiler, which was developed in 2011 by a 16 Year Old student, by the name of Alex Kontos. It is based on the Mozilla Browser and is primarily designed for speed, and is said to have less compatibility issues with Adobe Plugins, which is an issue that has Plagued Firefox for Years now.