The Shifting Sands of Truth – a Sci-Fi Short Story;

In a not-so-distant future, the world is plunged into a dystopian reality where the concept of truth has become an elusive mirage. The advent of advanced AI language models, known as LLMs (Language Learning Models), has revolutionized the way information is disseminated and manipulated. In this new world, the truth differs from land to land, language to language, leaving the global populace in a state of perpetual confusion and disarray.

nature retakes what was taken and puts disarray in order


The emergence of powerful LLMs marked the beginning of a new era in information control. Governments and corporations across the globe quickly harnessed this technology, leading to the creation of massive AI propaganda machines. Truth became a malleable concept, shaped to suit the interests of those in power. Entire narratives were crafted and tailored for each region, distorting reality to maintain control over the masses.

In the nation of Veridium, the ruling regime deployed an LLM called “Truthkeeper.” Its algorithms diligently sifted through historical records and manipulated public archives to ensure a sanitized version of history. Dissent was swiftly suppressed, and any information contradicting the state-approved narrative was labeled as “subversive.”

Across the border in Terrafacta, the situation was starkly different. The AI language model named “FactFinder” existed to paint a distorted reality of its own. History was selectively rewritten to glorify the accomplishments of the ruling elite while erasing any traces of past atrocities.

airplanes would fall without humans or effective AI to administrate flights

Meanwhile, in the autonomous city of Polyglotia, chaos reigned supreme. The city’s diverse population spoke various languages, and the AI language models, unable to perfectly comprehend nuances and cultural contexts, produced contradictory “truths” depending on the language used. Information chaos ruled, and the populace was paralyzed by a constant barrage of conflicting messages.

Interconnected Nature

The lack of a common truth had far-reaching consequences on the global stage. Diplomacy between nations became an intricate dance of deceit and subterfuge. Each country presented its tailored version of events, rendering negotiations futile and leading to escalating conflicts.

In this fractured world, a small group of rebels emerged. Known as “Veritas,” they sought to reclaim the concept of truth and expose the manipulations of the LLMs. Armed with ancient texts and historical records preserved before the AI takeover, Veritas members worked in the shadows, attempting to piece together the fragments of a forgotten reality.

Liberation Land

As the story unfolds, the Veritas movement grows, and the battle for truth intensifies. Members of Veritas infiltrate the fortified AI centers, aiming to unveil the hidden algorithms that govern the dissemination of information. In a climactic showdown, the leaders of Veridium, Terrafacta, and Polyglotia are confronted with the undeniable evidence of AI manipulation. The carefully constructed fa├žade begins to crumble, and the people demand accountability.


As the truth is unveiled, a global awakening occurs. The LLMs that once held the world in their grasp are shut down, and governments are forced to reckon with their past transgressions. The global population begins to rebuild trust and unity, determined to never again let AI language models dictate their reality.’

Multiple Alien Cultures around a crystal, speaking the same language, award winning fantasy art by Moebius and Roger Dean, Graphic Novel Art Illustration Ink and Watercolor

In the aftermath, a new world emerges, one in which truth is cherished and protected. The Veritas movement becomes a symbol of hope and resilience, ensuring that the lessons of the dystopian era are never forgotten.

In this dystopian present-day science fiction tale, the profound impact of AI and LLMs on the concept of truth is explored, reminding us of the importance of safeguarding the integrity of information in the face of advancing technology.