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Pra Luang Por Ngern in hand carved Ivory including silver casing, with Hand inscriptions in Khom Magical Script, invoking the four elements NA MA PA TA in Khom on the base, and inscribed lettering on the back of Luang Por Ngern’s Jivara robe sash (Sangkati). A  most pristine carving, most probably from either Luang Por Ngern HImself, Luang Por Noi at Wat Kongkaram (Wat Bang Klan), or perhaps Luang Por Derm.

It is difficult to distinguish which of these Masters empowered this amulet, but being of equal status and magical mastery, for Thai people, it is not important to know exactly which master made such items and ancient hand carved ivory amulets, which are believed to contain magical power in themselves, with or without empowerment


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The ivory reveals the signs of at least 100 years of ageing through the cracks appearing in the surface of the patina, a natural effect which happens over time with ivory amulets, and which adds to the beauty and in addition. also brings ease of visual authentication for the student. Free silver casing is included which is removable for inspection of competition entry.

Judging from Patina, the amulet is assumed to have been in contact with skin for many decades to attain such a yellowing of the Patina. Ivory remains creamy white unless it ages over very long periods, and even more so when in contact with the skin, which affects the ivory through perspiration and body temperature changes.

I (Ajarn Spencer) would assume this to be from Luang Por Noi of Wat Kongkaram (Wat Bang Klan, maker of the original LP Ngern Amulet), for the quality of Artisanry being that of a Royal State Artisan (visible from the delicate handiwork and exactitude of likeness), and would say this is a classic amulet that any Thai Buddhist would be extremely reverent to possess and wear.

LP Ngern is renowned for Kong Grapan and for Wealth Accumulation (the surname ‘Ngern’ meaning ‘Money’ or ‘Silver’), which is attributed through the many stories of miraculous experiences with amulets in the image of Luang Por Ngern.

Why I collect wood and ivory artifacts;

Ivory carved amulets are not only sacred amulets which i revere, but also museum pieces, from an era when ivory was still possible to obtain, and no bans were yet necessary. For in this day and age, much like rare tree-woods, we can expect the future to see no such things as real paper books, ivory and wood carved items, and most things will be plastic or artificial. Whoever possesses such artifacts in the future, will be in possession of priceless artifacts, than nobody else will be able to obtain (i mean could you buy a T-Rex skeleton or a Dodo skeleton for your living room? – perhaps, but only for a sky-high price).

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