Anyone is a Guru These Days on Udemy

There is many a fake life advice guru making a profession out of people’s need or wish to be advised about their lives, and this i find to be unethical, and life advice, should be given freely and with compassion, and never be a profession  itself.

Obviously Fake Guru after a bit of tit and ass and $$$$


Anyone is a Guru These Days on Udemy and other such ‘education website academies’ like Khan Academy and the like. All platforms for Charlatans seeking an income from Spiritual Advisory Services!

The Love Guru!

For this reason, i have made a playlist channel for Life Advice, based not on worldly success with the insinuation that this is how to be happy, nor tell you how to live your life, rather, to tell you how i myself find my way of thinking about things, in order to attain peace and happiness, as well as success.

My version of Life Advice, is based on my own mistakes, involves self admission of one’s own forthcomings and faults, and indeed, one’s own sufferings. and recognizing one’s own role in those sufferings. For indeed, inner suffering is mostly self created. I myself have known and seen my own failings and sufferings, and the cause of most of those i created for myself. One thing is seeing suffering.
How to Tell a Real or Fake Guru
But another thing is seeing its causes. Life advice on the internet is usually based on self promotion and worldly success, but happiness, and how to achieve it, is truly the best life advice one can give, for if one is happy, rich or poor, it is always better than unhappy, rich or poor. Riches therefore, do not necessarily provide the causes of happiness.

Bogeyed Guru

Guru Bogi (Bogeye)