Buddhism and the Significance of 108 The number 108 serves as a bridge that connects us to the external world. The Tibetan Buddhist canon, referred to as the Kangyur, is a relatively broad collection of 108 volumes of sacred texts that have been acknowledged by many schools of Tibetan Buddhism and thus are referred to as […]

Pre Cataclysmic Advanced Civilization

Exploring the Hermetic Tradition: The Teachings of Hermes Trismegistus and the Seven Principles of Hermetic Wisdom Oh, the wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus, His teachings still alive and unbroken, A sacred tradition, a path to the divine, A journey of the soul, a path of knowledge and light. Follow the seven principles of Hermetic wisdom, For […]

The End of PayPal in Thailand: Why Individual Merchants and Remote Workers are Making the Switch to Stripe The End of February 2023, will mark the closure of an Epoch for PayPal users in Thailand, as the popular payment platform announced that it would no longer be available in the country for Individual Merchants, Remote […]

“Analyze Your Mind: A.I. Simulates a Conversation with Sigmund Freud and Adolf Grünbaum!” I created a simulation of two conversations between two great psychiatric and philosophical geniuses, using A.I. The first conversation is one about A.I. conducted between Sigmund Freud and Grunbaum, and the second dialogue, is about Nihilism, and Existentialism. And indeed what is […]

Charlie Chaplain the Greatest Comedian of All Time

We think too much and feel too little; Charlie Chaplin’s Famous Speech on Human Rights in ‘The Dictator’ The Immortally Famous Silent Movie Comedian, Charlie Chaplin, was known for his political views, and, after the end of the silent movie era, often used his films as a platform to express them. He was a vocal […]