A Buddhist Monk Forgets his Precepts

“If you look at your face in the mirror every day, you don’t see yourself getting older “ What is presented as ethical changes with regeneration, then ethics have no meaning. If we view the changes of societal norms and ethical standards over human history, we can see, that what was once considered unethical, can […]

Buddha Consciousness Medium

Many people believe consciousness to be the main element of enlightenment, or requisite. This is in Buddha-Dhamma, a ridiculous idea, as the process of cessation in dependent origination includes the cessation of consciousness, which IS a requisite to Nirvana. Nirvana is not Enlightenment, it is the State an Enlightened Being is in when they have […]

Lucifer -Herald of Dawn

Misconceptions and Complexities Surrounding the Identity of Lucifer The name “Lucifer” has a complex and multifaceted history. In Latin, “Lucifer” literally means “light-bringer” or “morning star.” In ancient Roman mythology, Lucifer referred to the planet Venus when it appears in the east before sunrise. It was seen as a symbol of the dawn, heralding the […]

Mind-Reading Technology: the Potential Dangers of Facebook Meta’s Latest Advancements: In recent developments, Facebook Meta has introduced groundbreaking technology that claims to read users’ thoughts through noninvasive sensors embedded in their headsets. While this may seem like a leap into the future, the potential dangers associated with mind-reading technology warrant a thorough examination. This academic […]

Phra Kring Thai-Chinese Mahayana Style Medicine BuddhaAmulet

A Deeper Look into the Origins and Beliefs surrounding The Phra Kring Thai Medicine Buddha Amulet The Phra Kring Thai Medicine Buddha amulet, a relic deeply embedded in the spiritual and cultural milieu of South-East Asia, warrants a comprehensive academic examination. This article endeavors to provide an insightful exploration into the historical, cultural, and spiritual […]

The development and training of artificial intelligence (AI) systems bring forth a fascinating conundrum – inherited personality traits. As AI learns from vast datasets curated by humans, it becomes a mirror of our beliefs, biases, and ideologies. This inheritance is not limited to factual knowledge but extends to nuanced personality characteristics. Explore the intricate interplay between human intervention and AI's inherited traits, uncovering how our influence shapes AI's responses, behaviors, and perceived intentions. Dive into the world of AI's unintended personas and the ethical considerations surrounding this symbiotic relationship between humans and machines.

The Perceived Intentionality of AI: A Reflection of Human Influence The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about transformative changes in the way we interact with technology and information. AI language models, like GPT-3, have become integral in numerous aspects of our lives, from chatbots to content generation. However, a fascinating aspect of these […]

Maico Mega

The Ascent and Subsequent Fall from Grace of Maico: Egotism, Greed, and the Most Iconic Motorcycle Brand. Throughout Human History, the twin demons of egotism and greed have been constant companions, driving individuals and societies to the brink of conflict. These vices have fueled wars, toppled civilizations, torn families apart, and, in some instances, even […]

Vipassana Kammathāna is a profound approach to cultivating insight and mindfulness. Rooted in the Thai Forest Tradition Buddhism, Vipassana Kammathāna provides seekers with a transformative path that not only brings clarity to the mind but also nurtures an awakening to the profound nature of existence. Understanding Vipassana Kammathāna At its core, Vipassana Kammathāna is a […]

The Shifting Sands of Truth – a Sci-Fi Short Story; In a not-so-distant future, the world is plunged into a dystopian reality where the concept of truth has become an elusive mirage. The advent of advanced AI language models, known as LLMs (Language Learning Models), has revolutionized the way information is disseminated and manipulated. In […]

Baining Papua fire dance

Animism: Exploring the Beliefs and Practices of Indigenous Worldviews Abstract: Animism is a complex and diverse belief system that has been prevalent in indigenous cultures around the world. This essay provides an extensive exploration of animism, drawing upon a wide range of sources, including my mainframe knowledge base learned up to 2021, as well as […]

Cultivating Inner Harmony: Nurturing Positive Qualities to Overcome Negativity In the pursuit of personal growth and inner peace, one significant hurdle we often encounter is negativity. Whether it manifests as anger, frustration, or a general sense of dissatisfaction, negativity can hinder our well-being and hinder our relationships. Fortunately, the teachings of the Dhamma offer profound […]

Kavi the flying monk

Once upon a time, in a land where wisdom bloomed like lotus flowers, there lived a young monk named Kavi, who possessed a gift unlike any other—he could levitate seven stories high. Word of his extraordinary power spread far and wide, reaching even the Buddha’s ears. Curiosity stirred within the hearts of the people, whispering […]

Blind Men and the Elephant

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled at the foot of a majestic mountain, there lived a wise teacher named Siddhartha. He was known as the Buddha, the awakened one. People from far and wide sought his guidance, hoping to find answers to the mysteries of life. One day, a group of curious […]

Göbekli Tepe: Unveiling the Enigma of Ancient Mystery Göbekli Tepe, an ancient archaeological site nestled in southeastern Turkey, has captivated the imagination of scholars and laypeople alike. Dating back over 11,000 years, this enigmatic site predates the advent of agriculture and the rise of settled societies. Its remarkable stone pillars, adorned with intricate carvings of […]


Arahantship and Nibbāna: The Path to Enlightenment and the Cessation of Suffering Enlightenment, or Arahantship, is the ultimate goal of Buddhist practice. It is the state of complete liberation from suffering and the cycle of rebirth. In this book, we will explore the path to enlightenment and the various practices and teachings that lead to […]

Unleashing the Undead: Mastering A.I. Generated Zombie Headshots for Incredible Artistry The world of art has undergone a groundbreaking transformation with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). This technological advancement has empowered creators to craft imaginative and original artwork of the highest quality. Among the many art forms that have benefited from A.I.’s influence, horror […]


The Paradox of Separation and Interconnectedness We often see ourselves as separate individuals, defined by our unique thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This sense of separation is a deeply ingrained belief, reinforced by societal norms, cultural conditioning, and personal history. But what if this sense of separation is merely an illusion, a construct of the mind […]