The Future of Gaming and Who Will Survive the Gaming Platform Wars

& What Will Happen To Our Digital  Purchased Goods if a Gaming Network Shuts Down or Goes Bust?

The Future of Gaming, and the emergence of a new industry, with a lot of monetization opportunities, and a new Potential ‘Wild West’ Promised Land of Potential Self Employed Individual Sovereignty is on the Rise.

The World of Gaming Platforms is currently in the process of radical transformation, in both the technologies it uses, and the approaches being implemented, in order to manifest a successful idea, for how people are going to Interface with their Gaming and other Multimedia Content.

The Platforms allow people to Broadcast their Content, and Market and Earn Money through Merchandising with their Logos, Online Store Addons, Donations, Subscriptions, and Sponsorships, Affiliate Advertising,  and other forms of self Monetization in the Gaming Industry

Till now, if you are in the Gaming and Game Streaming World already, you will have heard of networks like Twitch TV, Mixer, Streamlabs OBS, YouTube Gaming, Steam, Google Play Store, and Apple Appstore Games. Even Sony PS Network has a broadcasting feature

Now, in 2019, we see the Advent of the Gaming Platform Wars (which ironically arrived simultaneously with Trump’s Trade Wars). The Game Wars is a phenomena where various Big Players are now taking ideas from networks like Steam, to bring a Gaming Experience Onine that needs no Console as Such, and that can be accesses in a Web Browser, a TV, and so on, from any device, no matter how cheap or weak graphics cards they have.

I am talking about Google Stadia, Apple Arcade, Steam, and Jim Bezos‘ new upcoming Gaming Platform in development (don’t see much happening there, as Gaming, is not, and has never been his Specialty or Industry, and you shouldn’t try to swim in the Olympics, Unless you are an Olympic Class Swimmer). Bezos does have the edge on the others as far as cloud server tech is concerned, and could even strangle some of his own competitors, who are also his clients, by refusing to extend service, because they use his cloudfront servers to deliver their apps with.

So let’s talk about what seems to be coming in Game Streaming for the near Future/Present;

Google Stadia

Google Stadia Developers Page

One interesting thing about Google Stadia, is that it Uses Linux as its Base OS Configuration for Distributing Games to be played online to users, which means, that Linux Users will also be able to obtain these games in Linux Version. But then again, this becomes instantly irrelevant, as the whole computing power is performed on a cpu in the cloud, and not on your device, meaning that you can play a Triple-A Game Title on a Chromebook in a Browser, just as well as you could on a Play Station, or an Alienware Predator Area 51 Gamer Laptop.

So why buy expensive gear with expensive GPUS anymore?

The Future of Gaming, is of Course, Online, Moving ever more towards Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and will become more like living in a movie and playing a role, or like ‘ready Player One, or ‘Surrogates’ than playing a game at all. In the long run, we will find it difficult to distinguish between what is the game, and what is real.

Check out my slow progress developing a gamestreaming channel as part of my ‘keeping up with IT’ Projects as a Webmaster. Always keep up with the Times, and teach yourself to use and exploit the features and possibilities of new media, platforms and portals.


Anybody who uses Facebook will have seen at least one ‘Friendversary’ video made by Facebook, which may or may not seem to have any relevance, but more often than not, tend towards irrelevance, more than relevance. The thing is, it is in truth, an A.I. Artificial Intelligence algorithm created video designed as a ‘Call to Action’ mechanism (share button), designed specifically to make you share to your profile or elsewhere within Facebook’s Monopolistic network. For Facebook is a Network that tries to keep its viewers within its own Matrix, (one we would all like to be free of so click the link in the word matrix to see how). Facebook and similar domans are ever more designed to prevent us the users, from leaving to visit an external website.

Facebook Friendversary

Facebook Friendversary

The Faceboook Friendversary Video is not visible to anybody unless you share it (which is what makes it a call to action banner, designed to influence You to share the A.I. Created FB Content.

The idea i believe, is that Facebook can create masses of automated content and overtake all the other major domains with all types of media (in this case, video, which would directly affect YouTube, which does not use A.I. to auto-create its’ own videos, whereas Facebook Does!).

In the case where more types of autocreated content such as Friendversaries are added, if shared as Facebook intends, and hence published and filed within search engine bot databases, will increase their amount of content within Facebook many-fold on an ever increasing ratio. There is much danger in this, for Facebook already prevents you from going to Youtube when watching a shared video within the Facebook Mobile App. Instead, it takes you to a Facebook page with the Youtube Video Inserted into the page as an iframe embedded within Facebook. But Hey, one strange thought is “Wow! what would a Friendversary video look like between two Facebook Friends who spent 5 years arguing and insulting each other publicly? And what content would the video contain?”

The Friendversary

Luckily, for now, Artificial Intelligence, is Artificial Stupidity, but could become a Content Creation Virus

‘Facebook Friendversaries’, and Autocreated videos and ‘Memories’ Albums using ‘Artificial Intelligence’ algorithms, is still in its early days, and has omitted various important factors in its algorithms, such as making the assumption that the date of when a photo was taken has relevance enough to add to an album of ‘memories’ when in truth, we don’t just take photos with our device camera, and we also download images to the camera roll of our devices from the internet in a browser, which are dated,. We also don’t just take photos of family, rather, we make photos for work, play, official business, etc.


So the compilation algorithm for albums and videos like this ‘Facebook Friendversary’, have little chance of gaining any relevance, unless they add much more spying on the user to their datamining (which is unethical unless they pay us for the data gathered from us), and also add many more criteria for selecting images, events and other connections between ‘friends’, and the algorithm that selects which of the many ‘friends’ we add on Facebook and other networks, are true friends and relations, and which are just ‘added as friend’ type unknowns. In its current ‘state of the art’, Artificial Intelligence is in the stone age, and should be seen more as ‘Artificial Stupidity’.

I henceforth declare the danger of an artificial intelligence becoming an autocreated content viral phenomenon taking over the internet, and stealing most of the traffic for the big matrix-like self contained networks, such as Facebook, Google, MSN, Yahoo, and the like.

Below Pic; ‘Ascending Chaos – A Collage of Collages‘ (Source gentleice the deptfordian)

I also henceforth predict the evolution of social networks to become not flat A.I. generated networks on websites in a flat browser like Facebook, rather, that the Future of social networking is to become much more of a different type of platform and of a different nature, namely, the VR Experience.

Many people say that A.I. is destroying many jobs, which it is, but it is also creating new professions; Believe it or not, there are hundreds and thousands of new professions arising, as old ones die.. transformation is the only constant.

In 1900 something like 86% of america worked the land. But in the present day, something like the same, 86% (rough memory of a real statistic i learned), who worked in agriculture, now work in service industries, whilst farming has become ever more automated.

But the population increased and still people are working, in jobs which did not exist in 1900, but machines now do what people had to do in 1900 .. so the trick is in SEEING ahead that taxi drivers wont be needed when Uber has self driven flying cars, but that flying car central control office will be needing co-ordinators to manage the databases and to make sure that all lines are working in order.

And to see, that jobs like the lawyer profession, will become very much needed, because so much technology change, means we have to constantly keep up with the tech, by writing new laws to cover the legal issues new technology brings with it

As an example of this, we can already mention. Amazon Drone Delivery, Video Advertising on YouTube and Facebook, A.I. Screening of Live Video Content to prevent live suicides going viral and similar tragedies. Legal issues such as ‘can we fly drones over borders if no person is in it’?, how high can a drone fly without registering with the airport flight tower? etc…)

We need to look and to see new jobs arising, like space miners on asteroids, and mathematicians and astrophysicists, geologists for planetary excavations and astro-geology, astro-biologist, – we are now traveling to mars, and we are going to colonize it, and mine asteroids, we shall need programmers for the a.i. that does all the dirty work for us, we shall need designers for the digital goods like game add-ons, and new game levels. AS technology in VR and Augmented Reality develops, Social networking will also become a VR 3D experience where we meet up like ‘ready player one’… and FB will either be part of that, or die., VR Chat is already here on Steam and we can meet up there and be who we wanna be look like we wanna look, and live a fantasy surrogate life. If Facebook will be part of that, remains to be seen, for they appear to be thinking in Flatland.