2FA - Cross device Authentication Vulnerabilities

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication): Privacy Concerns and Unethical Practices Two-factor authentication (2FA) has gained widespread recognition as a vital tool in enhancing online security. While its primary goal is to protect user accounts from unauthorized access, there exists a darker side to 2FA that raises privacy concerns and the potential for unethical practices by developers and […]

Apple iPhone exploding into meaninglessness

The impossibility of solving the problem of numbers, and the two ways of writing them Confusing dictated text for applications like Siri and other voice assistants arises from the inherent complexities of language, context, and homophones. The examples of “4,” “four,” “fore,” and “for,” as well as “two,” “2,” “too,” and “to,” highlight the challenges […]

Perceiving Reality as Illusion

The Nexus of Freewill and Instinct in Human Behavior: A Comprehensive Analysis for Human Sciences Scholars Abstract: This academic essay delves into the intricate interplay between freewill and instinct in human behavior, exploring the influence of natural selection, human instinct, animal instinct, aerial instinct, and mindfulness. Through an extensive examination of philosophical and scientific perspectives, […]

Harnessing Compassion and Strength to Support PTSD Sufferers As a sufferer of PTSD, and a person who has spent years studying Mind Sciences and Consciousness Sciences, and Having Been a Buddhist Monk who practiced Mindfulness Meditation, i have gained insights over the years into the causes and solutions to one of Humanity’s greatest Traumatological conundrums, […]

Atlantean Map

“Uncovering the Secrets of Pre Cataclysmic Civilizations – A Journey Through Time.” Pre Cataclysmic Civilizations are those civilizations that existed before a major natural, social or cultural event destroyed or changed them. These civilizations were the early inhabitants of Earth and their histories, cultures, and religions have been lost to time. Pre Cataclysmic Civilizations are […]

Demonstrate against Singaporean State Violence and Hangings

Human Rights Abuse in Singapore Introduction Human Rights in Singapore have not come a very long way over the years. Singapore claims that it is a highly developed and prosperous country, yet it still has its fair share of human rights issues. In recent years, the government has taken steps to address some of these […]

Diversifying one’s portfolio of assets is a common investment strategy. Throughout history, investors have been taking on more and more risk in order to generate higher returns. One of the most popular forms of investing during a financial crisis is to diversify your portfolio by buying a mix of stocks, bonds, and other investments. The […]

The Secret of the 33rd Degree Mason, & the Resonance of Mind that is Awakened; Perhaps this talk does not reveal the true secret given to a Free and Accepted Mason of a Lodge during his Mystery Play Initiation as a 33rd degree freemason, but it is still very important  Masonic Lecture by Grand Master […]

Reset USA or the World

Please watch the first of my YouTube deleted/banned videos of onde of my forbidden talks on https://www.ajarnspencer.com/Forbidden-Talks/The-Greatest-Deception-In-Human-History/ A slightly Provocative talk, which will make many people agree ,and many people disagree. I’m quite sure that this Vlog will cause various people to flame this video with acidic comments on my YouTube Channel or direct attacks […]

Fallof Civilisation (transformation from one form of existence to the next)

All things grow back again in a new form. things are always changing, and even dictatorships, systems of rule and governance, and civilizations, cannot change that fact. all things come to an end, even civilizations (e.g. Sumeria, Babylon, Rome, Egypt, Carthage, Numidia). Including this one, being no exception. May i herald publicly. that which i […]

Predicting the Fall of the Feat Monetary System and Collapse, or Transformation of the Current System of Rule and Governance, from a Feat Based Exchange System, to a Digital Currency, as the Rise of A.I. and Robotics makes Humans slowly redundant in old Professions and Leads them to other ways of Surviving, separate and apart […]

Myths Persist Throughout all Eras – the deluge myth has been recounted in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran. Myths seem to survive the rise and fall of civilizations, religions, and even cataclysms and mass extinctions. We have had 25 Mass Extinctions (26 Including this Human induced mass extinction of […]

Grammarly - Authoring to remove Personal Style on a Global Scale

When it comes to the Poetic Genius, and High Prose, I am most certain, that the Great Poets, such as Yeats, Blake, and the Poet Laureate Lord Tennyson won’t make it with #Grammarly writing assistant.  Nor would Genial Worrdsmiths like Stanley Unwin, or Slangsters and Gangstas. When we come to think about it, the irony […]

this is not giving up no this is letting go

My Own Life Advice; Letting Go Again A step in destroying Mijchaa Dhitti (False Views):- Considering having suffered the Abduction of My Own Son, and estrangement through parental Alienation and Child Brainwashing, and a lot  Vainly Fighting for His Right to see his Father, and Mine as a Parent, and lost in ever battle, i […]

Corrupt Singapore Justice persecutes John Tan and Daniel De Costa and Xu Yuanchen after the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run Singapore

The Singaporean Justice and Their Paid Cronies the Singapore Cybercrime Police Division, have Embarrassed the Country in the Eyes of the World Once Again! Poor old John Tan (SDP) and Daniel De Costa, (and Xu Yuan Chen in addition).  John Tan and Daniel both being Persecuted by the CORRUPT SINGAPORE JUDICIARY MAFIA. John is being […]

United Nations Useless as the Court in Alice in Wonderland

When one becomes aware of what lies behind the United Nations Lack of Action, and their many alleged Money Skimming Scams, one has to ask when it will finally be dissolved, ridding this world of one of the most costly and inefficient organisations on the planet. The United Nations is a Hot Topic when it […]

The Future of Gaming and Who Will Survive the Gaming Platform Wars & What Will Happen To Our Digital  Purchased Goods if a Gaming Network Shuts Down or Goes Bust? The Future of Gaming, and the emergence of a new industry, with a lot of monetization opportunities, and a new Potential ‘Wild West’ Promised Land […]